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  1. Hatchet
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    Hatchet is a PHP app for aggregating HackerNews articles for the iPhone. It parses and assembles popular HackerNews items on a single page. Even if specially crafted for iPhone devices, with small modifications, the Hatchet app can be adapted to work for a wide range of devices. Hatchet was built with Ratchet, a prototyping system for iPhone apps.
  2. No Screenshot
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    iPhone optimized web gallery based on original iPhone Photos application - presentation layer is Jaipho javascript gallery. Pipho - iPhone optimized image gallery will read the images from desired folder, create resized thumbnails and slide images, and also will dump javascript read images part. In addition, it will read text files as descriptions for both, gallery and slides. As Jaipho ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    This PHP code by a .mobi certified mobile web developer detects mobile phones so you can either send them to your mobile site or serve content best suited to their device.PHP to detect mobile phones simply sniffs the user agent and accept headers to work out if it's a mobile device or not. This supports the vast majority of mobile ...
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