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    Validate String is a validation class for validation of misc strings. It is ideal to validate form data.Yet Validate String can validate the following string types:- alphabetical- alphabetical lowercase- alphabetical uppercase- numerical- alphanumerical- postcodes for: austria, australia, germany, estonia, netherlands, italy, sweden, united kingdom, united states- email- url- ip address
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    Little Counter is a simple class that keeps track of the accesses of users to the pages of a site using a MySQL table to record the user access hits.Little Counter connects to the MySQL database and records in the counter table the IP address of the user accessing the site and the current time. The class assumes that each ...
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    sessMan is a session handler making use of PHP and MySQL. It has support for logins and sessions are linked to specific computers using their ip addresses.All database connections are made using my MySQL_DB_Connect class.
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    CCounter stores all unique ip's in a simple flat text file and increments the count for each unique ip's visit.CCounter allows you to track how many times a single IP has visited your page, how many unique ip's have visited, and the total visits (sum of all unique visits) ... along with telling a visitor what there ID is in ...
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    phpHitCounter is a class that can logs and display the number of users that visited a site.The count of hits is stored in one file. The log of the visitors IP address and access time can be optionally recorded in another file. The class can display an hit count either using images or text digits.Feature of phpHitCounter:- Simple Hit Counter ...
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    Server status class can connect to a server given its IP address and port to determine if it is running and accepts connections.
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    Logging Class uses environment variables and date/time functions to log visitors data like IP address, port, browser, date and time and creates either text or xml outputs.
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    Simple Users Online is meant to keep track of the users currently accessing a site. It stores the unique IP addresses of each users online in a database. The class tries to determine the real IP address of uses behind proxy servers.Simple Users Online also performs the maintenance task of deleting all the records of user IP addresses that are ...
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    sIPb can keep track of a list of IP addresses of HTTP clients that are not welcome to access a Web Server. It can start blocking the current user IP address and keep the block for a given period.sIPb takes note of the user IP address and the time of the moment when the blocking is started. That information is ...
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    bbIPtoCountry can determine the country where it is located the network of a given IP address. The class looks up the country code of the IP address in MySQL table with IP ranges.bbIPtoCountry provides a function that populates the IP address range table with information from a CSV file of the IP-to-Ccountry service that may be obtained from the site ...
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    Keeps track of number of distinct visitors currently accessing the site, along with their IP address. This system does not need any database.
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    IP2More can lookup related information of the country of the network of a given IP address. It does not need an SQL database server as it uses the ip2country flat file databases to lookup the the IP country and other details like the country ISO 2 and 3 letter codes, FIPS104 code, ISO number, region, capital, currency name and code ...
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    The gnVisitorInfo class is meant to gather some information about the visitor on your page. The information that is retrieved include: the IP address, the current page HTTP request method, browser identification, user machine operating system, and the country name determined from IP address.Note that you need to install the a database table that is used to determine the country ...
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    Given an IP or a Hostname, it returns information about the country, latitude and longitude of the geographic location of the host on the world.worldlocator also shows a map image marking the location. This map can ve viewed perfectly even if your server doesn't have GD.
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    GET by IP can determine the country and other details associated to a given IP address by querying an WHOIS server.Besides the country, if available, GET by IP also retrieves these fields of the responsible institution for the range of IP addresses to which the given IP belongs: netname, person, address, phone and e-mail.
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