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    GeoLocation takes a given IP address and sends a request to the geoPlugin Web services server to obtain the geographic location associated to the IP address. GeoLocation also retrieves location currency name and conversion rate relatively to a given base currency. This can be used to convert a given amount of money to the local currency. Location near a specified ...
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    E-mail addresses, IP addresses, hexadecimal RGB color definitions, hexadecimal, integer and floating point numbers, and user names with only letters can be validated with CheckRegExp. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Several tools can be used to perform different types of network analysis operations. Key Features of adv_net:- Ping a given IP address using nmap command- Get the MAC address of a network card with a given IP address using arping command- Get the IP address from a host name and vice-versa using host command- Discover the IP addresses of hosts ...
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    UserInfo.class can check the HTTP request variables to determine details like the IP address of the machine used by the user access the Web server, the type of browser and operating system being used, etc..Individual class variables are used to store the retrieved information in UserInfo.class.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A text file is used to store the number of page hits.Simple text-based counter can record recent IPs to prevent "counter-boosts" and the timeout setting is configurable.
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    An IP address is only counted once per day, without the need of cookies. A plain text file is used to store the data.Monthly snapshots of the counter can also be saved.
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    Get IP Info can be used to keep track of remote machines IP address. It can associates a given e-mail address passed as a request parameter to the IP address of a machine accessing the Web server. The IP address and the e-mail address association are stored in an e-mail address.When the IP address of the given e-mail address is ...
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    XIP Class can be used to analyze the remote user IP address accessing the current page, Proxy detection, Blacklist check.Features of XIP Class:- Smart "Proxy" and "Client IP" detection using header analysis- Detects Proxy by looking for more than 40 standard and non-standard headers and hostname- Retrieves the real Client IP address !!!- IP BLACKLIST, WHITELIST check !!!- IP[/Mask] format ...
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    Server Navigator presents browseable listings of the contents of a server side directory in a user friendly way.Features of Server Navigator:- Password protection to avoid anyone from seeing your server files- IP address restriction to allow only the accesses of users from a given list of IPs addresses- Can skip files with certain file name extensions- Uses image icons to ...
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    NetGeo IP locator service interface interfaces with the NetGeo service to determine the geographic location of a given IP address or host name.NetGeo IP locator service interface is also capable of calculating the distance between any to locations in the world given their longitude and latitude coordinates.
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    JSON File Upload can perform several types of validation, like: check whether the user computer IP address is not in a list of banned addresses, check the file size against a given limit, check whether the file name has one of the accepted extensions and check whether file with the same name was previously uploaded.After validation, a file can be ...
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    ipology connects to RIPE whois server and performs a query about a given IP address. The information fields about the IP address, including the parent range and country, is returned in an associative array.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    GeoLocation accesses the hostip.info Web services API site passing a given host IP address as query parameter.The response is retrieved and parsed in order to return the country, city, latitude and longitude corresponding to the given host.Requirements:PHP 4.2 or higher
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    Mafia Session creates a key encoded with SHA1 based on the IP address and the current time when an user accesses the login page. The key is used to generate a salt value that is used to encrypt the password that the user enters in the login form.On the server side the class uses the same salt to verify whether ...
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    GeoIP API Connector access the GeoIP Web services server and request information about a given IP address. It uses a given API access key.Information such as country, city, region, as well the longitude and latitude coordinates, are returned for each IP address,Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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