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    IP2Location PHP Module includes country, region, city, coordinates, ZIP code, domain name, timezone, connection speed, ISP, IDD code, area code, weather station code and weather station name.The script has been optimized for speed and memory utilization.Developers can use the API to query all IP2Location binary databases for applications supporting PHP.
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    Bot recognizer and dispatcher is the IP address of the computer or the user agent of the browser currently accessing a Web service can be checked to determine if it is known to be used by search engine robots or malicious Web crawlers.The Bot recognizer and dispatcher can call different callback functions depending on the type of crawler was identified. ...
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    A request is sent to the Web server of this package's author in order to retrieve details about a given IP address with IP Details.Currently IP Details can obtain geographic details about the location of the computer with the IP address, such as: country name, country code, region, city, postal code, latitude, longitude, area code, etc..Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Upload PHP Script is a simple file upload php script with database recording for keeping file names and uploader IP adress.Database driven. Good choise for your site if you want to know who download your file :)
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    The IP of the current remotely connected user and checks it to determine if it is within the range of two specified IPs with IP address checking.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The iptables command is used to verify if the current IP address is authorized to access a server with another specified IP and port number.phphilter may grant access to the user IP address and make the necessary alter iptables configuration if the user provides a valid user name and password via HTTP authentication.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Online Visitors Count uses the IP address of the visitor accessing the site to keep track of the visit in a MySQL database. Online Visitors Count is a free PHP counter script.The number of visitors still active for the last five minutes is returned by default.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    PHP bans and trap can list, add, update and delete records of a MySQL database table with information about banned IP addresses. Forms that allow creating or updating records of banned IP addresses can be generated.PHP bans and trap can also look up the database to check whether a given IP or host address are banned. The class can issue ...
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    Authorization rules can be read from an INI file and then it is checked if a specified IP matches those rules. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Spam blocker can perform a query to the Project Honey Pot RBL DNS server for a given IP address using your RBL API key. It analyzes the RBL response and set a session variable if the current user IP address is of a spammer that should be blocked. Spam blocker logs the allowed and blocked IP addresses to a file ...
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    Whois Lookup can connect to a Whois server for a for a given top level domain and perform a query to retrieve information about that domain. Information about a particular IP address can also be obtained by querying the ARIN whois server.
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    The title, text, e-mail address and IP address of the submitter are taken as arguments. Flood Assassin analyses the supplied arguments according to several built-in rules and returns an array with an overall score that can be used to determine whether the message should be treated as spam. The result array also details how the message scored in different types ...
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    Pure PHP radius class connects to a Radius server given its IP address and requests access on behalf of an user given his password. Once authentication is completed successfully, the attributes of the authorized user can be returned. Key Features of Pure PHP radius class:- Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS) with two-factor authentication- FreeRADIUS, a free Radius server implementation for ...
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    Online Visitors Counter Scripts Set is intended to count and display the number of unique visitors currently viewing your site by checking the referer IP addresses. php easy :: online visitors counter scripts set contains 3 ready-to-use online visitor counters using 3 different methods of displaying data:- php include() directive- html iframe widget- javascript widget While php include() directive can ...
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    Proxy Check retrieves all known request headers that may be used to determine the proxy server the user may be using to access the site. The port that might be used to connect to a proxy server is determined by checking the known ports of a specified IP address. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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