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    ShowIP is a WordPress widget for showing the user's IP address. To use, add the widget to one of the sidebars, just like any other widget. Once activated, the widget will print out the user's own IP address. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Requirements:- WordPress
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    No-Spam IP Geolocation is an unique way to protect the blog against spam. The No-Spam IP Geolocation plugin uses geolocation to protect the blog against spammers. It uses CloudFlare's IP Geolocation service to stop 'dumb' bots dead in their tracks. No-Spam IP Geolocation can embed a new form field in the comments and site registration forms, asking the user for ...
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    Scriptplazza IP Address Script is a Free PHP Script that allows your visitors to visit your website and found out their IP address and browser information. Now you can have your own IP Address site like WhatIsMyIPAddress.com, IP-Adress.com, IP Chicken or WhatisMyIP.com with our simple and clean script. To run this script on your website you must have a web ...
  4. IP2Phrase
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    IP2Phrase is a WordPress sidebar widget for showing an user's location, based on his IP address. The widget shows a custom message, assembled from predefined tags.Requirements:- WordPress 2 or HigherAvailable tags:<IP> - IP address of visitor<COUNTRY> - Full country name of visitor<COUNTRYSHORT> - 2-digit country name of visitor<REGION> - State or region of visitor<CITY> - City of visitor<ISP> - Internet ...
  5. IP To Country Lookup PHP Script
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    This is a IP to country Lookup PHP script which can find the country and host info for an IP address. Features include showing host lookup, country name, 2 letter country code, and country flag image. Includes links to more lookups such as Spammer and Blacklists, and Regional whois servers. Features of IP to Country Lookup PHP script:- Find the ...
  6. Spam Free WordPress
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    Spam Free WordPress is a comment spam blocking plugin that blocks 100% of the automated spam with zero false positives. There is no other plugin, or service, available for WordPress that can claim 100% accuracy with zero false positives, not even Akismet. Manual spam is blocked with an IP address blocklist.Features of Spam Free WordPress:- Automatically blocks 100% of automated ...
  7. URI Reputation
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    This is a PHP script that can check if an IP address is in a DNS blacklist. It uses services like SURLB.ORG, URIBL.COM and SPAMHAUS.ORG's DBL.At its core, the script takes the URL as parameter, extracts the domain, resolves its IP address and send a request to a blacklist DNS server to check if the address is present in its ...
  8. KS AntiDDOS
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    KS AntiDDOS script is used for protection of a site against not very serious DDOS attack. It is a free PHP security script. Include this script in your header file and it will monitor IP addresses of requests and keep in the shared memory. When script detects that particular IP requests too often, it block the IP replying 503 "Service ...
  9. Ming Validation Script
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    This is a free and Open Source PHP validation script can be used to validate several types of values. It can take a text string and can validate it as an email addresses, IP address, a date or an URL. Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  10. Image IP
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    Image IP is a very simple but powerfull PHP Ip Image Generator script. This Script will Generate a small image (like the small RSS 80x15 buttons) with the viewer\\\'s ip address on it. The look of the generated IP image is easy customizable by editing the script file or on-the-fly (by url). Note:You must have php-gd installed in order to ...
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    PHP Bookmarks is a simple, easy to configure PHP/MySQL bookmark system that supports themes. PHP Bookmarks is a quick little script to keep track of your bookmarks, IP adresses, whatever.. anything you want to keep groups of in simple list form. It's easy to customize so use it for what you want.PHP Bookmarks has no built in security as of ...
  12. Cisco IP Phone Framework
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    This is a PHP script to generate XMLs for services of Cisco IP phones. It provides several classes that can be used to compose and generate XML responses that may be used to describe and handle services to be made available from Cisco IP phones.At this moment it can generate XMLs for directory services, image services, execute services, graphical and ...
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    Ip2Country i s designed to determine the location of a user by detecting its IP. This PHP script can utilize Software77 IPToCountry database file, breaking it down into multiple smaller files for quicker access. the CSV was broke down into smaller byte-size PHP arrays. And IPs are now compared as floats not strings.This is a PHP script to determine the ...
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    The IP of the visitor is checked for the entry stored in a MySQL database in order to determine if the user has already visited the website.Ads and content limit stores the current date and time in the database table if the user has not accessed the site today. Otherwise the class increments the number of accesses of the user. ...
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    Plottable Online Script is a free and Open Source php counter script.Plottable Online Script uses a database table to keep track of several statistics about the users online of a site. Features of Plottable Online Script:- Uses a MySql as cc- Determines a new visitor based on IP address and session id- Supports different modes of detect a new visitor- ...
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