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  1. ExpiringHash
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    ExpiringHash is a PHP script for creating temporary URLs. The URLs are still human-readable, but will expire after a designated interval. It is perfect for protecting data against hotlinking or remote iframe embedding.
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    Twitter Bot is a simple Twitter Bot written in PHP5, allowing to search and retweet information. The script uses CRON to run regularly at certain intervals. This code is not intended to be used for spamming. Requirements:- Twitter Script- PHP 5.2 or Higher- mb_string functions enabled What's New in This Version:- Added a command line interface executable to manipulate phptwitterbot- ...
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    setTimeout and setInterval can register one or more callback functions that should be called after a given timeout value or every time after a given period of time elapses.A single callback function is registered to handle PHP tick calls. That function takes care of calling all registered timer callback functions.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Utility to take the duration of script or script intervals.
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