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    Enhanched UI is class library consolidates several classes for creating HTML based user interfaces with enhanced usability using Javascript code to provide additional client side based interactivity.With Enhanched UI you can:- Create two or more lists or menus (using the form select inputs) linked by a master/detail relationship- Move items between two or more lists/menus (using the form select inputs)- ...
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    Table - OO Interface implements an OO interface. Colspan, rowspan, table style, cell style, and data style may all be defined.
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    Example scripts with a Web interface for managing uploaded files, are included.
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    The setup is done through a configuration file containing user defined values.Key Features of Htdig site indexing and searching interface:- Setup a suitable configuration file from a few user defined parameters.- Index Web pages to build the search databases.- Search the indexed database to capture the matches into a PHP data structure ready to be used to display the results ...
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    PHP Print provides an abstract interface for printing documents. Currently it includes one implemented class that allows printing of basic text or preformatted (.prn) document files using the LPR protocol.The data to be sent to the printer can be either a filename or a string. The driver interface provides hooks in the code to allow development of printer filters (drivers). ...
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    Values that define the Flash movie, including its URL, are taken as parameters. The main class generates HTML tags to embed the specified Flash movie with its parameters in any Web page.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    This PHP script acts as a framework to implement the inversion of control design patterns in PHP. PHP IOC parses a configuration file in the XML format that defines how dependent classes of a plug-in component infrastructure depent on each other. This framework script can be used to create objects of the component classes and any dependency classes to set ...
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    PHP-Nuke Awesome Button Maker will allow sites using PHP-NUKE 7+ to provide an 80 x 15 button maker for their members. The button can be customized through a web interface and then saved to the members computer.
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    admin_XML.lib use the class XMLBasica and perform an interface to admin XML file.
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    mysql_db classes conforms a mysql access frame for a multiple result environment as a group of base classes (connection, recordset and command) and some extra TOOL interfaces to perform management and informative tasks.
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    DB Web Service provides a remote interface to access a database via a Web service using the SOAP protocol.The Web service interface provides functions for retrieving, updating and deleting database data. It comes with an implementation example to access a MySQL database.
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    PHPAGI is a PHP class for the Asterisk Gateway Interface. It allows you to createAGI applications for use with the open source Asterisk PBX software. The package is available for use and distribution under the terms of the GNU Public License.
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    mySQL/HTML-Client is a Web interface to a mySQL database written in PHP. It allows you to display and query database.
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    OO PHP Library is an object-oriented library written in PHP with enhanced features for RAPID creation of web-interface to databases.
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