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  1. PHP Address book
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    An easy to use addressbook, not to much features, and easy to install and understand. Functionality:- Google Maps integration- layout: twitterbootstrap- first login then see the data- lightweight- search on alphabet- CRON functionality- tested in multiple browsers What's New in This Version:fixed: - MySQLi implementation - language problems fixed - CRON job fixed bugs
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    LCC - Lightweight Club Calendar is a single-sign-one capable, extensible, web based PHP calendar to manage event participations. It mostly intendent for clubs but because of its flexible nature, LCC could also be used for many many more scenarios. This club calendar allows an easy integration with other applications.Features of Lightweight Club Calender:- Users can edit, modify and change events- ...
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    The derivation and integration expressions of a string expressing a polynome, are calculated.
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