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  1. Klass
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    This PHP script for adding dependency injection support in PHP. Dependency Injection (DI) in computer programming refers to the process of supplying and external dependency to a software componet. Klass provides automatic generation of accessors (getters, setters,...) for properties.Including the script into a live PHP website, allows the developer to use dependency injection principles and functions for his project.
  2. Pimple
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    This is a PHP library for dependency injection in PHP 5.3. At around 50 lines of code, Pimple adds great functionality, packed in a small punch.Features of Pimple:- Parameters- Objects- Define Shared Objects- Protecting parameters- Packaging a container for reusabilityRequirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
  3. No Screenshot
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    This script can be used to filter request values to avoid eventually insecure values.It is a updated version of the script originally written by Bendikt Martin Myklebust.This version can handle request variables with multiple values in arrays.
  4. No Screenshot
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    This package can be used to analyse HTTP requests to detect security attacks.The main class analyzes the HTTP GET and POST values to determine if contains words that can be used to perform SQL injection attacks, mainly to MySQL applications.It returns the information that based on a score of the word analysis it may be a security attack, so the ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    Values can be filtered in several way in order to prevent the ones that could be used to perform an attack. Currently Web Open Patch can filter values to prevent MySQL SQL injections, injection of e-mail messages in headers, escaping values to prevent cross-site scripting, generate and validate tokens to prevent cross-site request forgery attacks. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Information can be stored in and retrieved from database table records mapped to objects with Persistent Objects for PHP.The different types of database table columns are abstracted with individual data type classes, which help preventing SQL injection security attacks.Persistent Objects for PHP uses PDO based driver classes to abstract the access to the many types of databases including: MySQL, PostgreSQL, ...
  7. No Screenshot
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    TbsSQL was designed to simplify the process of building SQL statements. This script provides a simple wrapper for various SQL database systems. Features of TbsSQL:- Simple to use, easy to install (only one class), few methods an properties- Placeholders for merging values in one shot- Return data as array, standard objects, specific class objects or clone objects- A simple cache ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    A text value can be subjected to several types of validations. Each validation returns the filtered value or false if the input is not valid.Currently Filtreatment can perform the validations for: integer values, floating point values, strip HTML tags, regular expression matching, e-mail address, HTML without potential cross site scripting (XSS) exploits, and escaped text values for SQL queries to ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    class_sql_inject is meant to search in your SQL data values for special characters that may change the meaning of your SQL data and execute actions that may compromise the security of servers.When some of these suspicious character sequences is found in HTTP POST request values ($_POST), you can:- Destroy the current session- Redirect to a new page- Log the activityTo ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    Database Abstraction plus SQL Injection is a wrapper to access MySQL databases.Database Abstraction plus SQL Injection can establish database connections, execute SQL queries and retrieve query results. It can also help avoiding SQL injection attacks by quoting text literal values with either the PHP mysql_real_escape_string function if available, or the addslashes functions otherwise.
  11. No Screenshot
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    Database Abstraction plus SQL Injection can be used to edit and save data of table columns. It uses AJAX to save the changed table cells without refreshing the current page.The changed cells are saved by backend scripts that store the updated data in server side text files.
  12. No Screenshot
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    Using a hash array, a user may escape or un-escape any string using any string. Also unescape it, or customize it for any database, or other application. It prevents(?) or lessens the likelyhood of SQL injection.
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    requestUtils acts as acentral place to retrieve user submitted data to a page access via the request, form inputs or cookies.Instead of using the super-global variables $_POST, _$GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE, this class can be used instead so the submitted data can be sanitized to prevent well known security attacks like cross-site scripting and SQL injections.requestUtils may also check whether ...
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