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    INI Manager can be used to manipulate configuration files in the ini format. It can search for option entries, add new options, change or delete existing options.The entries are manipulated by specifying the name of the ini file as parameters. The file is created automatically if necessary.
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    ABG_IniParser can be used to parse and write configuration files in the ini format.Functions of ABG_IniParser:- Parse an ini file and store its data structure in an array class variable.- Check whether the ini file can be written to before storing back it contents.- Retrieve or check an option value by section and option name.- Create a new section or ...
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    Universal configuration tool for any program that use a .ini or other text file to store the options including PHP. A configuration set with list of values is included for PHP.
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    A simple ini parser can be used to read and write configuration files in the .ini format. It can pares an .ini file and store the configuration values in a multidimensional array. It can read a complete sections or a specific value of a given section.A simple ini parser can also set and get specific values of each configuration option. ...
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    ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings can be used to read and write application XML configuration files. It emulates the behavior of the ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings class of the .NET framework.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings can create new configuration files. If a configuration file with a given path do not exist, it creates the file. It provides functions for setting or getting the configuration value for a given key. If a ...
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    Parses .ini files and supplies utility functions for writing and modification. Uses parse_ini_file PHP's function for faster parsing.
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    Simple INI is a simple class that can be used to read, modify and generate configuration files in the .INI format. It reads .INI files using PHP parse_ini_file to store the configuration values in associative arrays.Simple INI provides functions to set and get specific values of each configuration option. When the values are changed, the class may also be used ...
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    Read/Write INI-Files.
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    ini.class.php handles ini files and defaults.
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    Internationalization and Localization can retrieve texts for internationalized applications from databases or plain text files (XML or INIs). It provides a base data source class that defines an interface with functions to retrieve texts given their element identifiers, the language to use, the locale for a language (optional), the application section and an eventual container object of a class that ...
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    Configuration is meant to read and write configuration files similar to INI files. The configuration files may have multiple sections with the possibility to define multiple levels of access that determine whether a given section is considered or nor.The section levels are identified by names like for instance: DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL. The class provides means to add, remove, ...
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    iniRWC can read and write configuration settings in files in the .INI format.Functions of iniRWC:- Parse .INI files and return an associative array with the names of the defined parameters and the respective values- Create .INI files from an associative array of parameter values.- Change or add parameters to existing .INI files.iniRWC may also generate PHP files with code that ...
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    Read Ini Files is a simple class meant to parse configuration files in the ini format and extract the values of given keys.
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    Config Magik is meant to read and write configuration files in the .ini format.Features of Config Magik:- Load and save ini style configuration files- Optional automatic synchronization by updating the file after each change of a key value- Protected mode for securing your sensitive data from being accessed directly from the Web- Supports for sections- Add and remove key value ...
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