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    Little INI Parser can parse multiple INI files and merge the configuration values defined in all files into a single array. An array with all parsed configuration values is returned.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    HTML entities can be symbolized and generated using short symbols, through the UpdateCat command.
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    INI files are used to store configuration settings.
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    Regular expressions are used to extract the names and values of the entries in an INI file.The results are returned in a bi-dimensional associative array on which the first dimension key is the file section name and the second dimension key is the entry name.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    IniFile can be used to read or write values and sections from and into INI files.
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    Config Manager can help developers, who maintain PHP applications that require users to edit configuration files.Key Features of Config Manager:- Allows caching of the config file as a serialized array stored in a file- Supports arrays and associative arrays- Supports 4 basic variable types: string, integer, double and booleanSupports special characters when enclosed within double quotes:- Allows editing of the ...
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    Ini File Reader is also capable of modifying the files.
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    Numerical or associative arrays can be stored and optional or required config file sections can be added through PhpXconfig.
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    lang opens an INI file for a given idiom and retrieves texts into a class array variable. The user can choose the directory from which the language files are read.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Tracker searches for PHP classes in files and generates an index file in the INI format with the paths of all the classes that it found, so next time a class needs to be loaded it just needs to look in the generated INI file.An auto-load function that looks into the generated INI file entries for the path of the ...
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    ini_File can be used to manipulate configuration files in the INI format as PHP objects. There are several classes that abstract INI files, INI file sections, configuration values and comments.The INI file class can parse INI files and create objects for the INI sections, configuration values and comments. The INI file class can also do the opposite, i.e. create a ...
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    IniInteraction can be used to create and manipulate configuration files in the .INI format.Functions of IniInteraction:- Parse a given .INI file and store its values in bidimensional associative array split by section and setting option- Add, rename and remove sections or options- Change option values- Store the .INI settings in a file
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    shagaConfigurator will get application options from configuration files. It can read options from a configuration file named shaga.cfg.example defined in a custom format.The configuration options are read into a bi-dimensional associative array class variable according to the options sections and names.Requirements:PHP 5.0.4
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    Ianaz Configuration Class can be used to create a configuration file as a PHP script. It takes as parameters the names and values of several configuration variables.Ianaz Configuration Class generates a PHP script file that assigns a variable with an associative array with the defined configuration variables. The name of the array variable is configurable.Ianaz Configuration Class may generate a ...
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    TIniFile can be used to parse and manipulate configuration files in the INI format.Functions of TIniFile:- Parse an INI file and store the configuration entries in a class variable- Delete specific configuration entries or whole sections- Get the definitions of a whole section as a string- Get the section definitions keys and values as arrays- Check whether a key exists- ...
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