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  1. AcronymIT
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    AcronymIT can be used to locate and process acronyms within text phrases. It can read a list of known acronyms from a file in the INI format.AcronymIT can search for the acronyms in a given text and replace them by HTML links to the respective Wikipedia pages about such topics.The links have title texts also defined in the INI file, ...
  2. easy DB
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    This is a PHP Database script based on MYSQLi to do normal and prepard query. It can connect to a given MYSQL server using credentials retrieved from an INI format file. This script can be used to execute SQL queries and store the results in cache files valid for a given period time. It also supports prepared queries with query ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    INI handler is developed with the aim of reading and writing configuration values to INI files. This PHP script is capable of reading INI files and then to retrieve, change or delete configuration values. It can also be used to display the values of the configuration values retrieved from the INI file.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or higher
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    This class can be used to manipulate configuration values in INI files. It can read and parse a given INI file and extract the sections and configuration values. The class can also add or modify given configuration values, as well delete certain sections or values. The modifications can be saved back to the INI file. Requirement: 5.0
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    PHP INI File Class is a Simple Ini File Implementation to keep settings in a simple file instead of in a DB.
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    Distributed Session Manager can be used as a replacement to the default PHP session manager class to store and retrieve sessions in distributed MySQL servers. It retrieves a list of MySQL server hosts from a configuration file in the INI format. A random host is picked from the list to connect when it is necessary execute MySQL queries to store, ...
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    clsINI can generate HTML for displaying forms to either create or edit an existing INI file.Parameter values can be added or changed and the definitions are saved back to an INI file.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    ini_manager is a rewritten version of the INI manager class of Alessandro Rosa. Requirements: PHP 5.2.6 or higher
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    XLog can write details about events to log files that may include details such as event file, event line, event time and date, current page URL and remote user IP address. The log file can be in either plain-text, INI or PHP formats, in which the log messages are wrapped inside comments. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Authorization rules can be read from an INI file and then it is checked if a specified IP matches those rules. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The php.ini file can be parsed and the values of the options can be extracted. The PHP.ini can change the options values, add and remove new options or sections, and when done it can save the changes back to the php.ini file.
  12. No Screenshot
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    Config can open a file in INI format according to a command that includes the base name, section and settings to be retrieved. It parses the file and returns the specified setting value. The singleton pattern is used to keep a cache of previously parsed INI files in case multiple setting values need to be retrieved. Requirements: PHP 5 or ...
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    INI Manager Improved builds on top of the INI Manager class of Alessandro Rosa, by implementing several performance optimizations. Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    INI files can be edited, updated or deleted.
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    The parsing is performed based on ini file specifications.
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