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    Ladybug is a configurable PHP debug info dumper which can be used in replacing var_dump or print_r calls in PHP. Demos are included with the download package. Features of Ladybug:- Dump array data- Dump PHP object data- Dump MySQL results- Dump images- Supports interfacing from the PHP CLI- Helpers to export the dump data as YAML, JSON, XML or PHP ...
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    File_Info allows you to retrieve information about a specified file, like name, size, MIME type, etc...
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    Web Server Info can ensure that the values remain the same, regardless of the Web server.Key Features of Web Server Info:- Fixes PATH_TRANSLATED variable to use only / as path separator- Set the REQUEST_URI to SCRIPT_NAME or QUERY_STRING when the REQUEST_URI is not set- Set the SERVER_SIGNATURE with values based on SERVER_SOFTWARE, SERVER_NAME, and SERVER_PORT when SERVER_SIGNATURE is not set- ...
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    Extension Info can associate an icon image to files of a known type. 40 file type extensions can be recognized by using the file name extension.
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    User Info can be used to retrieve information about the browser the user is using to access the current site script.User Info can analyze the user agent string sent by the browser in the current HTTP request and extracts the type of browser, user machine operating system, user machine IP address, accepted character set encoding, language name, and if the ...
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    File Info Cache browses a directory and recursively caches file information to a database. Once the file information is in a database you can access it easily and efficiently. This script is only intended to run from the shell, from a crontab or similar process; I don't recommend changing permissions on your files for the webserver to access them!File Info ...
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