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    Solace profiler may be useful to find slow or unused code, compare the speed of different code implementations, track loop counts and conditions, etc..The reports can be generated in either plain text or HTML formatting. Solace profiler supports includes, evals and asserts.
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    This php class, and the associated examples, will let you include result pages or forms from anywhere in any javascript enabled browsers. No need to have php on one server to include php result from another.
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    Command Class uses your database to manage your main include files using a command/sub-command method. With this you only need one index.php in your document root and the rest of your files can be outside it.Command Class will allow you to dynamically change which page is included based on a commmand/sub-command variable. It also allows for a high level of ...
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    SpoolTemplate (SpTpl) is a report system based on templates. It allows to build reports from database queries using just few lines of code.Main Features of SpoolTemplate:- Based on XML configuration files (each report has its own configuration files)- To build a single report it requires few lines of PHP code as it is mainly based on the configuration files- Output ...
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    Multiple includes takes a string as constructor parameter with the base name of the scripts to include separated by spaces. Each of the scripts are included by appending the .php extension to their base name.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHPIncluder traverses directories recursively and search for PHP scripts to include. It can either include all class scripts with the .class.php extension or include all scripts with the .php extension.Requirements:PHP 5 or higher
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    MyTemplate is very powerful template engine. It allows including a nested template file directly into another template file and automaticaly parse it in any template in set.Working with dinamic blocks is so easy. Only assign block variables and get result. You do not need to parse each block 'manualy'. Automaticaly parses PHP constant and global variables into templates.Supports multiply template ...
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    Perfect Templates is a template engine that uses regular expressions to process template files. It supports variables, includes, loops and conditional clauses (if, elseif, else).
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    Convert HTML files to PHP program. Use this to convert all your HTML files to powerful programming in PHP. Very useful for embedding vast number of HTML files into your PHP classes or programs using function call include(), require(), include_once() or require_once().See also functions include(), include_once() which can include the HTML files (like include("sample.html")
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