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    Auto-Responder implements an email auto-response system. It accesses mailboxes via POP3 or IMAP protocols and sends out automatic responses emails to the messages found in the inbox folder.Currently Auto-Responder implements three types of auto-response:- Send a response message using a given file- Send response message using contents read from a given Web URL (in this case the email subject has ...
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    POP/IMAP to RSS can be used to generate an RSS feed from the listing of messages in a given mailbox accessible via POP3 or IMAP protocols. It connects to a mail server to access a given mailbox using the PHP IMAP extension functions.POP/IMAP to RSS retrieves the unread messages and uses the subject and from headers for the title and ...
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    pop3-stream accesses a given POP3 mailbox using the PHP IMAP extension authenticating as an user with password specified in the URL passed to the PHP fopen function. It can read individual message headers and body in a single stream when the PHP fread function is called.All messages in the mailbox can be listed by invoking the PHP readdir function. pop3-stream ...
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    IMAP can be used to access mailboxes stored in mail servers accessible via the IMAP protocol. It accesses IMAP server using TCP socket connections without using the PHP IMAP extension.Functions of IMAP:- Establishing IMAP server connections- Authenticating- Opening named mailboxes- Retrieving message headers and body parts- Delete and undelete messages- Creating, renaming and deleting mailboxes- Listing and searching mailbox messages- ...
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    crackerMail is a really basic POP3 webmail system, using PHP's IMAP functionality. The webserver on which crackerMail is installed must have PHP compiled with IMAP support, without it, crackerMail will not work. crackerMail handles any number of IMAP or POP3 mailboxes. crackerMail allows you to delete messages, download attachments, provides options to Reply, Reply All, and Forward, including adding attachments, ...
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    Net_Sieve enables you to talk to the timsieved server that comes with Cyrus IMAP.This means you can install, list, update and set active Sieve scripts. It requires the Net_Socket class, which in turn relies on the PEAR library. It has only been tested with Cyrus 2.0.16.
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    MicroPHP Mail Checker can be used to check the e-mail messages using the PHP IMAP extension to access a mailbox with the IMAP or POP3 protocols.Functions of MicroPHP Mail Checker:- Open a mailbox- Retrieve the number of messages stored in the mailbox- Retrieve the sender address, recipient address, date, size and subject of all messages into an array- Retrieve the ...
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    clsImap is meant to encapsulate the access to message accounts with the protocols IMAP, POP or NNTP. It can retrieve messages and any attachments.
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    PHPwebmail is a web browser based IMAP and SMTP mail client. Often it is not possible to make outside mail connections from networks behind strict firewalls. With PHPwebmail a mail client only needs a WWW connection to the mailserver. Specifically it only needs a connection to the webserver hosting PHPwebmail. Most of the times the web and mail server will ...
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    php_mime_class is a PHP Class for parsing an raw Email according to RFCs including MIME. You get back an object with all the informations.php_mime_class is useful for all application developers who want to read out mail, without using IMAP module to handle attachments or HTML emails.
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    MailDog is a Web based email client for IMAP servers written in PHP. It requires apache, PHP 3.0.x compiled as a module, and IMAP. Please note that this is a pre-alpha version, and there is not much documentation available yet.
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