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  1. Hercules - image, banner rotator
    260 total visits
    Hercules - image, banner rotator is a PHP script, which rotates your images/banners with a JPG(JPEG), GIF or PNG extension from any location.Features of Hercules - image, banner rotator:- Grabs images, banners from any location- Shows three types of images - JPG (JPEG), GIF and PNG- Show images randomly or by order- You can sets the image, banner dimensions and ...
  2. ThePhig
    383 total visits
    ThePhig is a free and open source PHP image gallery to creat an album of images by simply uploadint a directory of image to the server. ThePhig adds automatic thumbnail creation, and provide you with three different image overlays: PrettyPhoto, FancyBox, and Shutter Reloaded for the front end. Its password protected admin area enables users to easily manage informaion related ...
  3. One-page Gallery
    286 total visits
    One-page Gallery is powered by ajax and PHP and show your images with a JPG(JPEG), GIF or PNG extensions.Features of One-page Gallery:- CSS compatible with all browsers- Grab all images with jpg (jpeg), gif or png extensions- Do all stuff and create thumbs in fly- Do not use iframe- Simple change multiple stored images by titles- Sorting titles by subfolder ...
  4. Max's PHP Photo Album
    292 total visits
    Max's Photo Album is a simple and easy to use PHP Photo Album. You can upload images to your webserver, add a title for your photo, protect image upload by password and so on.The script uploads the image file and create a normal and a thumbnail sized images as well, Suppports image up to 10Mp. You can configure where a ...
  5. Free Wallpaper Script
    692 total visits
    Free wallpaper script is PHP script to creat wallpaper sites. It is simple in use and servers to list and share wallpapers. Wallpaper script allows to list wallpapes by category, tag in 4 different orders. You can order wallpapers by date, download count, downloads in last 7 days, rating.Each wallpaper has indicator bars to display total download ratio, download ratio ...
  6. Image
    89 total visits
    Image 1.0 is a free and open source PHP image script that can manage uploaded files of the GIF or JPEG format and resize them if they exceed a given width or height limit. A specified directory is used to store the resized images, while preserving the original images aspect.
  7. No Screenshot
    513 total visits
    ImageVine is a PHP application for seting up a image hosting environment for your users and share their images with friends and family etc. It is built using our custom strong and secure framework andis compatible with a large majority of web server configurations. ImageVine has support for multiple file uploads, image galleries, automatic image processing, members accounts and so ...
  8. Image Resizing script
    466 total visits
    Image Resizing Script is a free program that works with just two inputs - your image and the size - and creats a new, re-sized image for you to download. It is a light weight product useful for webmaster who often use image files, by using this script you can easily resize the image at just a click away. It ...
  9. twzWatermark
    147 total visits
    This is a PHP watermark script that watermarks a PNG, JPEG or GIP image. It can display either a text or graphic copyright notice on top of images.The resulting image can be saved as a file, displayed in the browser, or returned as a PHP image resource for further processing.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  10. ImageUpload
    490 total visits
    This is a PHP image handling script for uploading image files. When uploading, it checks that the file is an image by checking its extention. It will then assure the destination directory exists and has the necessary permissions. If the folder doesn't exist, it will creat it. The script also removes files with the same name, and created image thumbnails ...
  11. cCaptcha
    275 total visits
    This PHP script is created to generate CAPTCHA images and valiate text and image CAPTCHA fields. It can generate an image with 5 random letters and digits obfuscated by a few lines.The random text will be stored in a class variable for subsequent validation, and then the generated image is displayed in the PNG format as the current script output.Requirements:- ...
  12. smushit-php
    364 total visits
    A PHP wrapper can losslessly compress image using Yahoo!'s Smush Image Compression Web Service after giving an URL to the image or local image filename.It will service and return the URL to the smushed image along with its meta information.This free PHP script can optionally overwrite the original local image file if the old image is not needed.
  13. Imagethumb
    188 total visits
    Imagethumb is a PHP image resizing script, which allows you to resize any image so that you can place the resulting thumbnail on a page. This script was created to avoid the manual creation of thumbnails, which on some sites with lots of image may take a lot of time. Currently GIF, JPEG and PNG formats are supported.Requirements:- a web ...
  14. Easy Thumbnail and Watermark class
    561 total visits
    Easy Thumbnail and Watermark class can be used to add watermarks to image and also resize the image. It can load an image in JPEG, GIF or PNG format and resize it to a given width or height.Watermarks can be images or text. The script can also render a given watermark text in any position as you given. The resulting ...
  15. Object Oriented GD Library
    325 total visits
    Object Oriented GD library can manipulate images using the GD extension functions. It is basically a wrapper around almost all functions of the GD image extension. It is a professional PHP image handling script. Handled formats include PNG, GIF, JPEG, WBMP, XPM and XBM.This script includes functions for creating, reading and writing images, resizing, rotate and copying parts of images, ...
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