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  1. PHP Identicons
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    This is a PHP script for rendering MD5 hash values as images. A lightweight PHP implementation of Don Park's orginal identicon code for visual representation of MD5 hash values.To work, it needs the source string to generate the image from, and the size of the image to generate. Works with any passed text string, from MD5 hashes, to email addresses, ...
  2. Simple Slide Show
    544 total visits
    This WordPress plugin embeds an image slideshow via shortcode which can parse the content of a folder and embed all images as a rotating slideshow inside a page or post. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or HigherWhat's New in this version: - Updated timthumb.php script due to security vulnerability.Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' ...
  3. No Screenshot
    225 total visits
    This is a simple PHP random image rotator script, Use it display random images from a folder of your choice. Showing a random picture on your website can be as simple as placing such code on your page:<img src="randim/randim.php" alt="Random photo" />Not only random images. Randlm supports file extension filtering so it can be used to randomly pick.Features of Random ...
  4. Encaps Gallery
    727 total visits
    Encaps Gallery is multipurpose skinnable php image gallery software with free Flash Gallery template. Easy to install and run, it does not require php/mysql/flash skills.Features of Encaps Gallery:- easy to apply new templates (HTML,Flash)- MySQL database installer- create unlimited categories- upload unlimited media files (jpg,gif,png,mov,swf)- automatic thumbnails creation (optional)- easy to install and use- admin (back-end) panel- PayPal shopping cart ...
  5. Apply watermark image
    269 total visits
    This is a PHP script for applying watermarks to images. Just specify the image and watermark source, and the script will do the rest. Usage:$watermark->apply('from.jpg', 'to.jpg', 'watermark.png', 3);Features of Apply watermark image:- From image, original image- Target image, image destination- Watermark image- Watermark positionsWatermark position number- 0: Centered- 1: Top Left- 2: Top Right- 3: Footer Right- 4: Footer left- ...
  6. Adaptive Images
    406 total visits
    This is a PHP image handling script for automatically resizing images for mobile devices. If the image is too big to show in the user's screen (mobile, tablet or desktop), the script resizes all HTML images to fit perfectly. No mark-up changes needed. Just drop it and forget about it. Features of Adaptive Images:- Works on an existing site- Works ...
  7. Gallery Command
    184 total visits
    This is a PHP command line script to generate image galleries. It is a free PHP image gallery script. The script will render an HTML page with images found in a given directory of images. A demo is included with the download package.Features of Command Line Image Gallery Generator:- Add a title to the gallery- Add the maximum number of ...
  8. Image Caption Links
    67 total visits
    This WordPress plugin automatically adds a link to the full size image under photo thumbnails. Just install and activate, that's it.Requirements:- WordPress 2.8 or HigherWhat's New in This Version:- Update code to work with new WordPress 3.4 captions.Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  9. PSecureImage
    162 total visits
    PSecureImage is a PHP script to validating image files. It can be used in web upload forms for detecting XSS or LFI attacks. In Internet Explorer, the developer can successfully launch XSS attacks with malformed image files because of it's mime-type detection algorithm.Also the image files can contain some server-side payloads that can be used on exploiting of LFI vulnerabilities. ...
  10. CSS Cacheer
    96 total visits
    This is a PHP script to detect and embed small images inside CSS via the data: protocol and base64 encoding. The script also caches the image for further usage, avoding instances where the server recompiles the same image times and times again.CSS Cacheer looks for image sources inside a CSS stylesheet and if the user's browser supports it, transforms that ...
  11. rgba.php
    110 total visits
    This is a PHP image gallery script that can be used to automatically generating an image with a solid color fill. The generated image is in PNG format. Its size and destination folder can be set in the rgba.php file.rgba.php can generate colors in the RGBA domain, where A is the clor's alpha(transparency). Instructions and a working sample is included ...
  12. PHP Imagizer - Image Manipulator
    388 total visits
    This is a PHP script for image handlling. It supports image resizing, watermarking and cropping. It is written following OOP principles and very well commented.Features of PHP Imagizer - Image Manipulator:- Very simple and intuitive to use- JPEG, GIF and PNG support- Transparent text watermarking with option to change rotation, opacity, font size, font face, font color and shadow affect- ...
  13. Joe Images
    162 total visits
    Joe Image is a basic photo gallery to display images on your site. Use this basic photo gallery to display images on your site! It contains a simple backend that can add/ modigy/delete photos, and is password protected.It is very easy to install, be up and running in less than 5 minutes. A flash player is available as well. The ...
  14. phpimageresize
    347 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to resize, crop and cache remote images. When caching image, this script compares the generated images timestamps to the original image's timestamp. Whenever the original image's timestamp is changed, all cached images rebuilt.
  15. No Screenshot
    412 total visits
    AIUM is a highly-flexible advanced image hosting solution for anyone who wants to offer an image hosting servics of any kind. Unlike most image hosting scripts out on the market, AIUM provides a number of unique and powerful features, including file manager, description for file types and lot's more. You can edit and adapt the code as you like because ...
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