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    Create image thumbnails from JPG or PNG on the fly showing them in an imagetag or outputting them as files with explecit width or height or both.This version requires GD 2.0 or higher! For older versions of the GDLib fetch version 0.9 of Image2Thumbnail.
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    Image Functions provides an helpful collection of colour and image processing routines.Functions of Image Functions:- Can the colour space to and from RGB, HLS and HSV formats- Convert to and from an RGB array and HTML HEX values- Retrieve the colour of a pixel and return it as an RGB array- Compute the distance between two colours- Determine the current ...
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    CafePress Random Product will display a random product from your CafePress store. You can supply a simple template to control style, and have the output link directly to the shown product or simply to your main account.You can cache the results so you don't have to connect to the CafePress website all the time. Images can also be cached locally, ...
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    message lets you create HTML message boxes.You can change the box title, the message box content including either text or images, as well the message box presentation details like the width, border, alignment and colors.
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    IMDBPhotos is meant to download the poster and all images of a movie from www.imdb.com. It can fetch all images at once and store them in local cache files.
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    Basic rollover images.
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    Image Masking is meant to apply a mask to a given image, much like you could do in PhotoShop, Gimp, or any other such image manipulation program.If the mask is smaller than the image then the mask can be placed in various positions (top left, left, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right) or the mask can ...
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    Template based Image gallery generation class.Example shows how gnGallery:- Creates the thumbnails into a folder, - generates HTML file listing all the thumbnails and links to the original images.Each class can be used seperately!
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    ScaleJPG creates a JPG scale on-the-fly.
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    Gradient Image classes is meant to generate images that are made color that appear in gradient sequence. It takes the initial and end colors and renders a true color image with the GD extension that is filled with intermediate colors between the initial and end areas of the image.The gradient fill can be rendered horizontally or vertically. The number of ...
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    Snap IT will help to put image and flash(.swf) on your page, so you can make a content updater that enable you to upload image or flash file and display them properly.
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    With the ScaleImage class you can easy, in two lines of code manipulate your images.Scale logical from height, weidth or percentage, or just from x and y cordinates. At the same time transform from eg. png to jpg.
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    PHP Script to display images one at a time in a page turning fashion. Image data is read from a MySQL database.
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    Image Gerador generates graphic images dynamically.
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    picgrab class alows you to grab pictures from remote addresses.
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