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    rsMandelbrot can be used to generate Mandelbrot fractal images. It uses coordinate parameters read from a file or from an array.The fractal image size and colors are configurable. The resulting images are stored PNG files in a given server directory.
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    Image Nudity Filter can be used to determine whether an image may contain nudity. It analyses the colors used in different sections of an image to determine whether those colors match the human skin color tones.As result of the analysis it returns a score value that reflects the probability of the image to contain nudity. Additionally, it can output a ...
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    Picture of the Day PHP Script shows daily changing image. Each web page can contain several pictures. Each picture is taken in random order from its own set of directories.Features of Picture of the Day PHP Script:- Unlimited number of images. - Unlimited number of directories. - Unlimited number of images per page. This Script does not require a database. ...
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    dGifAnimator can be used to generate a GIF animation from individual GIF frame image files.dGifAnimator reads a set of given GIF image frame files and generates a single animated GIF saving it to a file or generate it as the current script output.The delay between each animated frame, the transparent color and the loop options can be configured.&nsparent; t;
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    Ciul Images is a simple class that can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images. It can generate an image displaying a random text from a given list of texts.The text may be rendered with a given True Type font and a given background image.Ciul Images returns an image resource handle of the PHP GD extension that can be used ...
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    Image Flag Effect can be used to process a source image and generate a sequence of animation image frames that implement the waving flag effect.Image Flag Effect can process small images with size of up to 200x200 pixel. The generated animation frames can be used to build a single animated GIF file.
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    PHPSlideShow is the easiest way to create a slide show with your images. Setup is easy, just put phpslideshow.php in a directory containing your images and point your browser to it for a show. Features of PHPSlideShow: - Automatic thumbnail creation. - Zero Configuration Setup for beginners. - CSS/XHTML templates for advanced users. - Thumbnail support.- EXIF comment support. - ...
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    A simple free PHP script for automatically creating a picture gallery from a folder. Just upload Photo Gallery Script (only one file) to a directory with pictures. That's it. No programming skills required. No database is needed. code revised.
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    Imagem Resize is a simple class that can be used to resize images keeping the original proportions.Imagem Resize creates a true color image with the desired limit dimensions. Then it copies and resizes the original image from files in the GIF, JPEG or PNG formats.The resized image is generated as part of the current script output in the same file ...
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    cThumbnail can be used to generate thumbnail images files in the GIF, PNG or JPEG format. It creates a true color image with a given width and height.When the original image is smaller than the desired thumbnail image size, the original image is not resized and it displayed in the center of the generated thumbnail image.The thumbnail image is generated ...
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    Eyefi Image Modifier can be used to apply a series of transformations to graphical images. The developer can define a chain of transformations, optionally giving it a name, and then apply an image to this chain, which results in a new image. If the image is applied to the chain a second time, a cached image will be used.Currently, the ...
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    bibivu smiles can be used to manage different packages of imoticon images. It support emoticon packages of programs phpBB, Gaim, and yahoo!.bibivu smiles can look into given folder where the emoticon image files are stored and retrieve information about the available images like the picture file name and description. It may also find and replace the description text of the ...
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    Page Counter can be used to display a graphical page hit counter. It read, update and stores the page hit counts in text files.The counter is displayed a sequence of HTML tags for images that represent each digit of the current page hit count. The counter digits may display trailing zeros. The width and height of the digit images can ...
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    Secure Number Image Creator is a simple class that can be used to generate an image with a random number or text.It can compute a random number, render the number or a given text in an image using the GD extension and then output the image in the GIF format.
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    Pic2X can be used to convert images to the XPM format. The input image can be a file in the JPEG, PNG or GIF format, or a resource of an image dynamically created with the GD library.Pic2X supports transparent images and if it is necessary to reduce the output image file size, the class convert true color images to use ...
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