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    fClassHTML can be used to display composite Web page elements.fClassHTML provides several classes that can compose and display predefined types of page elements like: product presentation with a link , description and image, and menu bars of links.
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    HTML Generator Class can be used to generate HTML documents programmatically. There are several classes that abstract HTML documents and different types of HTML page elements.HTML Generator Class can define the page elements from element specific options configurable using setter functions.The classes can generate the elements HTML that is returned as a string.Currently HTML Generator Class provides classes to abstract ...
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    Looking for a php script to create the square style thumbnails that flickr uses? Look no further, this is a very easy php script using ImageMagick to convert and save your squared thumbnails.Easily integrates into existing code, you'll be up and running in minutes.
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    Gravatar can be used to retrieve images of users from the Gravatar site. It can take several parameters that define the Gravatar image like user e-mail address, image rating and size.Gravatar returns HTML tags to display the user image from the Gravatar site in a Web page. If the image of the user for the given e-mail address does not ...
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    AMDev_Captcha generates a CAPTCHA validation images to embed in forms.Features of AMDev_Captcha:- Case-sensitive validation option- Display an optional refresh link to generate a new picture with a different key using AJAX. Generating a new text this way does not count to the user attempts limit verification.- Use of prefix for image file names- Optional garbage collector to remove generated files ...
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    2BGal is a PHP/MySQL script that allows you to publish photos, albums and sub-albums. Most of updates can be applied with the web single administrator interface.This script is easy to use, lightweight and packed with only useful features. Others functionnalities can be added with modules integration.The gallery design is defined with PHPLib templates (default : HTML 4.0 or XHTML 1.0).Features ...
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    Simple to use gallery which is quick to install... all you do is drop the index.php in your gallery folder where your images are. Supports multiple levels, includes css styles and graphics as well as Lytebox Javascript all in this one php file.
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    TinyGallery is a one file PHP image gallery, which doesn't need any database or creates files on your server. It only displays the images in a folder (including subfolders if you want this). So it's great if you want to share some images with your friends and don't want to install a big gallery script. Using some nice javscript effects ...
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    This free gallery system allows a photographer to sell images easily through paypal. To use, simply edit the config file, create a folder on your server, and upload the files with your images. Forum based support. Most users are up and running within minutes! Features of FreeGallery Image Sales Script w/ Flash Interface: - Paypal cart- Flash Based Interface - ...
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    Need a shadow for an image that doesn't require using any graphics library calls, you can simply use this tool to generate the HTML for any image you might have. This tool does use some graphics library calls to get the size. Simply copy and paste the HTML that this tool generates for your image with whatever shadow options that ...
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    Does not use any databases - simply scans all the folders and generates galleries with automatic cached thumbnails as well medium sized images before opening fullsize popup (depending on the options you choose).You can drop files and folders to gallery via FTP or create and and delete folders and upload individual images or many as zip. Excellent support for including ...
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    ZZEE Human Pictcha is a protection in a form of an image (a captcha), which can be embedded inside your web forms, and which will filter out various forum spam, guestbook spam, form spam, signup spam, password attacks, etc. It is a library and a set of tools and examples for PHP and can be used with Perl as well. ...
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    Download Images from Google can be used to search for images of a given person using Google and then download the images to local files.Download Images from Google is just necessary to specify the name of a person, the limit number of images to be downloaded and the minimum width of the images in pixels.Then Download Images from Google will ...
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    captchaSteroid can be used to generate CAPTCHA validation images with distorted text.captchaSteroid can render the validation text in an image. After the text is rendered, a new image is generated applying wave distortion effects to the original image, in order to make the text harder to guess by robots.The image size, text font, background color, and background image are configurable ...
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    Pyxy-gallery is a PHP script to make an image gallery. Intelligent JavaScript lets you browse your pictures without leaving the page - saving time and bandwidth, and reducing server load. AJAX skeptics can be reassured: Pyxy uses fragment identifiers to let you bookmark and link to individual pages within the gallery. Unlike some simple gallery scripts, Pyxy uses the HTTP ...
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