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    Take a file from your pc and upload it to the default directory, or a chosen directory. Bohemian File Uploader can upload image files like jpg, gif and png and can also upload documents like pdf, txt and zip files. Displays all files which are uploaded to the default directory. No coding skills required.
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    GalleryShuffle is a PHP and MySQL image album manager. GalleryShuffle is an extremely easy tool to use in uploading, organizing and viewing images on the Web. It comes with an administration panel where albums and images can be created, and an HTML 5 powered front-end for visitors to view the uploaded photos. Features of GalleryShuffle:- Installation wizard- Admin panel- Multiple ...
  3. FastImage
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    FastImage is a PHP script to retrieve information about an image using as less bandwidth as possible. FastImage parses the image URL, downloads its header and stops at the moment it has found its size (height, width). This technique saves bandwidth in case we have an image filter activated for not loading by mistake HD photos on the site. A ...
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    Windows Image Gallery is windows look a like script of the famous windows. It displays all pictures in a specifies folder on your server. The script will create automaticly thumbnails from the images in your folder. You can set how big/small the thumbnails have to be on your gallery. You can browse your images with a browser based windows desktop. ...
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    Bohemian Image Gallery is a gallery allows you to create an instant gallery. Simply upload and delete any images for the gallery. No coding skills required.
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    Ajaxmint Gallery is a PHP and MySQL image gallery script. It is very easy to install and get running, Ajaxmint is a perfect fit for small, lightweight, minimalistic image galleries. Features of Ajaxmint Gallery:- Graphic install script- Password protected admin dashboard- Manage multiple galleries- Manage albums inside galleries- Manage pictures inside albums- Add picture title and description- Automatic thumb generation- ...
  7. Logo Customizer
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    Logo Customizer is a simple WordPress plugin for customizing a site's logo image. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. To change a logo, just go to the WP Theme Customizer. The admin can use an image from the site, or can upload a ...
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    Thumb.php is a simple PHP script for quick image thumbnail generation. It comes complete with a caching system for not rendering the same thumbnail over and over again. Features of Thumb.php:- File-based and browser-based cache system- Crop or resize image- Zoom image before thumbnailing- Alignment options- Adjust image sharpness
  9. PHP Image Magician
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    PHP Image Magician is an open source project that uses PHP GD to perform image manipulation in an easy, succinct way. Resizing, cropping, watermarking, adding text - we got it all and more! Features of PHP Image Magician:- Easy resize- Watermark- Shadows & Reflections- Transparency support- Full crop capabilites- Text- Borders, Rounded corners, Rotation- Image type conversion- BMP support- EXIF ...
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    Multiple Image Upload is a php script which allows you to upload several images at once. Features of Multiple Image Upload:- Upload several images to the web server.- Browse multiple images and click on submit button wherein the images are uploaded to a specific resolution with the specification of their type and size.- Easy to install and requires no configuration.
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    Image Hotlink Log and Control is a collection of PHP scripts which allows you to easily log and control hotlinking of images on your Apache hosted web site. Checking who is linking your images and how much bandwidth they are leeching. You can also control what happens to individual hotlinkers - you can block images, substitute images, or best of ...
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    KoschtIT Image Gallery is a PHP-script for an easy viewing of pictures in a web browser. It can be customized and it is possible to have more then one gallery inside a HTML document. Features of KoschtIT Image Gallery:- Image comments- Opens pictures inside a modal- Slideshow mode- Easy manage galleries- Gallery pagination- Direct link for image in the gallery ...
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    Image upload script with resize is a PHP image upload script. Make sure you make the "image_files" folder writable on your server. You can specify a maximum file size and maximum image width/height inside the php code. Users can also specify maximum width/height when they upload the image, so that image is scaled down if they want to.
  14. Quick Photo Gallery
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    Quick Photo Gallery is a simple script which can read all images form its own directory and display them as thumbs in a list. Then you can click any thumb to enlarge the image. The script also includes a caching feature that will prevent some server overloading by keeping a low resolution version of each file, this way your images ...
  15. Retina Images
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    Retina Images is a PHP script for serving HD images to supporting devices. It works by setting a cookie with the device's aspect ratio and delivering images at different qualities based on that setting. If the aspect ratio is bigger than 1, a high resolution version of the desired image is server. If a high-res version isn't available, the default ...
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