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    ICQ Protocol can be used to create chat robots to communicate with ICQ users.The main class can establish a connection to the ICQ server, authenticate on behalf of a given user, and send messages to an user with a given identifier.A separate script can be used to implement robots with functionality defined by separate module classes.
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    BlueTOC is meant to act as an AIM instant messaging client using the TOC protocol (not OSCAR). ICQ is also supported by this class. It can perform normal tasks such as receiving and sending instant messages, joining chats and other activities on the AIM network.Applications can customize the interaction with the AIM network by the means event handling callback functions. ...
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    ICQ status tester can scan the online status of a given UIN. It connects to a Web server of the ICQ service to determine whether the user is online.The user status can also be returned as the URL of an image or a text message that can be use to display on a Web page.
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    ICQStatus is a simple class for getting icq status of an uin.
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    CK2ICQ is implementing an communication routines to check the status of the ICQ user.
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    ICQ Status class is meant to retrive the status of ICQ user given his UIN (User Identification Number).It connects to an ICQWeb Server to retrieve the respective page that shows the status of the user. Then it parses that page to determine the user online status information.ICQ Status class uses PHP 5 syntax for specifying which methods are private or ...
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    ICQPagerSend script allows you to send messages using ICQ WWP service. This class assumes you want to send the same message to many UINs.If you prefer you can use the static sendMessage(r /> If ye to a single UIN.
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    ICQ Status classes is meant to check the online status of an ICQ user.It works by requesting the online status icon image for the specified user to the ICQ status Web site server and parsing the response to determine the status depending on the image URL to which the ICQ Web site redirects the HTTP request.
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