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    GzOutput can be used to serve one or more files compressing them if the user browser supports compression. It can serve one or more files in the same request. If the files are Javascript or CSS, they can be processed first to remove needless comments and white space.If the browser supports compression, GzOutput may compress the files data before serving ...
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    Simple CURL Wrapper is a wrapper around the CURL extension functions to submit HTTP requests to remote Web sites. It can submit HTTP HEAD, GET and POST requests and return the server response bodies.Simple CURL Wrapper also creates a temporary file to collect cookies, so you can perform multiple requests sending back the cookie values to the servers that have ...
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    Requests can be use to validate HTTP request variable values. It can process the request values set to super-global variables $_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST and $_COOKIE .Requests can associate conditions to validate the request variable values. It throws an exception if there are any values that do not satisfy the validation conditions.
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    Defensive Attack can be used to get and set information about the current user HTTP request details to help protecting against unintended accesses.Functions of Defensive Attack:- Determine the user machine real IP address even when it is behind a proxy.- Check whether the user IP address is the same as the Web server IP address- Determine whether the user is ...
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    mabp::request can be used for validating the values of HTTP request variables such as $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE, etc..mabp::request can validate request values against a list of expected type values like : integers, decimal numbers, booleans, alphanumeric text, HTML text, arrays, etc..Invalid variables may be replaced with default values. The class throws an exception for invalid variables without a default ...
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    pAjax can be used to make the browser invoke actions executed on the server side without reloading the current page. It sends what is known as AJAX requests that consist in Javascript calls that sends HTTP requests to the server encapsulate the eventual parameters of the requested actions. Parameters can be any type of data, including objects, arrays, strings, numbers ...
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    HTTP Retriever can be used to access Web servers using the HTTP protocol.HTTP Retriever supports:- HTTP specification version 1.1- Submit HTTP requests of method GET, POST or custom- Access sites via SSL using PHP OpenSSL extension or CURL- HTTP basic authentication- Handle redirection automatically- Cache retrieved pages for a given period- Invoke callback functions during the connection progressProvides a pure-PHP ...
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    Post class is a very simple singleton class that wraps the access to the HTTP request POST values. It makes the HTTP POST values be accessible as class variables but they cannot be changed.
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    Post and Get methods is a very simple class that wraps the access to the GET and POST method request arguments.It provides functions to retrieve the values of POST or GET parameter given its name. If the named parameter was not defined, the functions return false.
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    Mrasnika's URL validator is meant to validates HTTP and FTP URLs. Mrasnika's URL validator can also parse the URLs and extract their component parts:- Protocol- User and password- Domains and sub-domain- TLD (top level domain)- Port- Path- QueryComposite parts:- Domain_name (domain tld)- Host (sub_domain(s) domain tld)- Sub-domains array- Path array
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    URL TS is a simple class that can be used to check whether a page with a given URL exists. The class establishes a connection to the server of the given URL and sends an HTTP HEAD request.If successful the class can determine whether it returns the HTTP response code. The code 200 means the page exists. The code of ...
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    Retrieves the file size, type and last modifies of a file that can be reached via a HTTP connection.
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    Browser Info is meant to parse the HTTP user agent text string to extract details about the user browser type and version, the user operating system type and version.Browser Info can detect many types of browsers or crawling bots as well many types of operating systems.
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    Query String can manipulate query strings used in HTTP requests that are used to pass arguments and values to page scripts. It can get and set argument values, delete arguments and count the number of ocurrences in a given query string.
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    Query String Manipulator allows you to change and add variables in query strings, add arrays to them, and then output it in a few different ways.
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