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    It can access a remote server using HTTP requests with authentication to protect the access to the remote files. It can create, list, delete, write or read files and directories. It implements a stream wrapper interface to make it possible to access the remote files with PHP functions like fopen('fep://...') and other PHP file and directory manipulation functions. Allows the ...
  2. PHP Spotify Wrapper
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    This class can be used to retrieve information about music in Spotify site.It can send HTTP requests to the Spotify Web services API retrieve information about artists, albums and tracks.
  3. Icecast Analytics
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    This class can be used to get access statistics from an Icecast server.It sends an HTTP request to an Icecast server to retrieve server usage statistics.Currently it can return the current, peak and maximum numbers of listeners, music genre and title, server title and URL, current stream connections, status and bit rate, and played songs history.
  4. Guitar Chord API class
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    This class can be used to search for guitar chords using Guitar Chord API.It can send HTTP request to the Guitar chord API Web server to find chord variations based on given data about chord by specifying the chord name, chord modification, or/and string/fret combination.
  5. Er. Rochak Chauhan
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    This class can be used to execute server side actions without reloading the current page.It uses XMLHttpRequest objects to send the what is known as AJAX requests and collects the responses that can be used to update parts of a page.The AJAX requests can be associated to server side PHP scripts that execute the necessary actions and output the request ...
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    CECID is a PHP script designed to anonymize and cloak HTTP requests on restrictive connections that have been blocked by firewalls at work, school, or anywhere that restricts or monitors internet access..CECID is run on a remote, unrestricted server, and accesses pages for users, editing the page's source in realtime to evade content filtering software. You can use it to ...
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    This class can be used to detect the type of the browser accessing a website. It analyzes the user agent request header and compares it to known patterns to detect the type of browser currently accessing the site. The class will show the browser's name, version, if it's a mobile browser and the user's language. Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    This class can be used to filter request values by type. It is able to process GET and POST request variables to determine if they match any given type.The class returns the original values or default values if the request values do not match the expected type.Currently the class supports filtering strings to remove tags and add escaping slashes, integers ...
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    This is a script to send an instant message to Yahoo Messenger users. It is a PHP free chat script. It sends HTTP requests to Yahoo web server, authenticating the user and then sending his message to another given user.
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    cURL Class is a simple class that allows you to POST/GET via the php cURL library. Includes cookie file setup.Examples:$curl = new cURL(FALSE);echo $curl->get('http://wwww.google.com');
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    The package NAJAX can be used to call PHP scripts on the Web server side from Javascript code in Web pages. It uses AJAX technology to submit HTTP requests from Javascript to pass call parameters and collect and process the XML responses. NAJAX acts as a proxy that maps PHP objects to JavaScript and vice versa. The package provides means ...
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    When register_globals option is On in php.ini, PHP automatically fills variables like $userName with $HTTP_GET_VARS["username"], and so on. As it represents a security concern, the default value of this option is Off since PHP version 4.2. reGlobal provides two solutions to emulate the setting of register_globals On under PHP installations that have it disabled.- the first solution consists assigning the ...
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    HTTP requests are sent directly or via proxy servers, securely using or not SSL, setting the referrer URL, cookies, custom headers, etc., all configurable options. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Gdata Google Docs was built to send HTTP requests to the GData API web servers to connect, authenticate and perform several types of operations on the user's Google Docs stored files. The script can currently create folders, get file and folder information, upload and download files, remove files and move files to a different folder. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    Google Custom Search can send an HTTP request to the Google Custom Search Engine Web services API server to perform a given search. The search results and the spelling correction suggestions can be retrieved. The character set encoding of search keywords and results is configurable. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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