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  1. Page Header
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    Page Header script was created to generate HTTP responses and HTML page headers, It renders HTTP response header for several purposes like force downloading files, avoiding page caching or adding any arbitrary headers.This PHP Script can also generate HTML for the page head section for several purposes like including CSS or JavaScript files, defining the document type, add meta tags ...
  2. Nearby Places Plugin
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    This is a PHP geography scripts can find places of interest near by a given location.It can send an HTTP request to the Google Maps API Web server to get the geographic coordinates of a location given by city, region and country.The script then sends another HTTP request to the GeoPlugin.net API Web server to retrieve the relevant places near ...
  3. Twitter Promoter
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    This PHP web service script can follow Twitter users ralated with a topic. It can send an HTTP request to Twitter search Web server to perform a search for users related with a given topic. The script can also send requests to a Twitter API in order to automatically make a given account follow the returned users up to a ...
  4. Goo.gl short URL
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    A PHP Script designed to shorten or expand URLs with the goo.gl URL shortening web service from Google. It uses an HTTP request to Google goo.gl URL shortener web services API to reuquest a short URL for a given link. It can also send a request to expand a given shortened URL with the same Google goo.gl service.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 ...
  5. PHP-multi-curl
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    This is a high performance multi-cURL PHP library which can be used to parallel HTTP web service calls.The library is currently used by projects like Twitter-async, Foursquare-async and many more.It allows developers to select responses based on a criteria.It can fire off 10 HTTP calls and retrieve results for a specific one without having to wait for all 10 to ...
  6. Stream
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    This PHP Script is created to retrieve multiple web pages or other web resources in parallel. It sends multiple HTTP requests to different web servers and receive response data from all servers in parallel. Both regular HTTP and HTTPS requests are supported.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  7. QoS Bandwidth Throttler
    230 total visits
    The output of a PHP is intercepted by setting a buffering handler that is called every time a given number of bytes are served to the user's browser.It measures the time since the last time the PHP output buffer was flushed and hold on PHP for a while if the average download speed is above a given limit. This method ...
  8. Proxy Connector
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    PHP5 script for interfacing PHP with the Tor network to retrieve remote web pages. It can connect to an HTTP proxy server that accesses the TOR network to communicate with any remote web server. While the proxy host is fully configurable by the user, so this script is not limited to only the Tor network. Proxy Connector can also switch ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    This PHP script is designed to join files retrieve via HTTP into a single file. File Joiner first takes a list of HTTP URLs and then retrieves the data from the specified locations. Finally retrieved data will be brought together and saved to a single file in the desired location.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or higher
  10. No Screenshot
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    JSON_RPC is a web service framework. It is a web service library for PHP5 and is built on PEAR::Services_JSON. It offers a simple framework for creating clients and servers that communicate over HTTP using the JSON format. It supports Basic HTTP Authentication and API discovery/inflection.
  11. No Screenshot
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    Search results retriever can be used to perform searches on several sites. The base class can send HTTP requests to a given site to search for given terms. There are several sub-classes that specialize on searching several types of sites and parsing the returned response to extract the search results. Currently there are sub-classes for searching PubMed, Amazon, jStor, Google ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    Yahoo Boss Search can send a HTTP request to the Yahoo BOSS Web services server to perform a search that can be for Web pages, images or news. The number of results returned per page can be limited and the start page can be specified. Yahoo Boss Search decodes the results returned in JSON format and stores them in a ...
  13. No Screenshot
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    The object will write the correct (X)HTML headers for any supported HTML set (HTML 4.01/5, XHTML 1.0/1.1/5/…) along with sending the appropriate HTTP 1.1 headers. If the User Agent does not support XHTML (all versions of IE), it will fallback to HTML 4. You may also choose to deny serving the content, if the requesting UA doesn’t support HTML. There ...
  14. No Screenshot
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    This script can be used to filter request values to avoid eventually insecure values.It is a updated version of the script originally written by Bendikt Martin Myklebust.This version can handle request variables with multiple values in arrays.
  15. No Screenshot
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    This package can be used to analyse HTTP requests to detect security attacks.The main class analyzes the HTTP GET and POST values to determine if contains words that can be used to perform SQL injection attacks, mainly to MySQL applications.It returns the information that based on a score of the word analysis it may be a security attack, so the ...
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