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    sIPb can keep track of a list of IP addresses of HTTP clients that are not welcome to access a Web Server. It can start blocking the current user IP address and keep the block for a given period.sIPb takes note of the user IP address and the time of the moment when the blocking is started. That information is ...
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    URLHelper gives you access to the http header information and provides some help for retrieving and parsing urls.FUNCTIONS of URLHelper:function isURLAvailable($url)function isValidURLFormat($url, $strict=false)function addHTTPtoURL($url)function getHTTPStatusCode($url)function getRealURL ($url, $simple = true, $method = "HEAD")function getHTTPHeader($url)function getMD5FromURL($url, $estFilesize=500000)function _openHTTPConnection($url, $method = "HEAD")
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    Class that interfaces with the httperf program to evaluate HTTP server performance and execute stressing tests. Featuresof Httperf server stressing and benchmark tool:- Configuration of server stressing parameters and options.- Generate response graphics.- Example script provides a friendly Web form based interface to configure tests and present the results as graphics or httperf program output text.
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    jUser enables you to authorize users using HTTP. There are also functions to add, update and delete users. Users can have varying access levels.
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    PHP RPC Lite classes implements a lightweight remote procedure call server and client for calling functions in a distinct server also running a PHP script. It can be used for invoking distributed services running on different Web servers running PHP.The PHP RPC client takes function call arguments and marshalls to a PHP RPC server using HTTP POST method. The server ...
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    Request filter can apply given filter rules to the script request values such as those passed via GET or POST HTTP methods.Currently the class supports rules that specify filters to accept only values that can be strings or integers or do not exceed a given limit.The request values that do not conform to the filter rules can be discarded, so ...
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    dBrowser consists of several classes that emulate a browser and can be used to extract contents from remote sites.The main class is an HTTP client with support for accessing Web pages via HTTP POST and GET method, handling cookies and HTTP 1.1 chunked responses.There are several other classes that use the HTTP client class to access a few public brazilian ...
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    The gnVisitorInfo class is meant to gather some information about the visitor on your page. The information that is retrieved include: the IP address, the current page HTTP request method, browser identification, user machine operating system, and the country name determined from IP address.Note that you need to install the a database table that is used to determine the country ...
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    HTTP Headers Utility is based on HTTP::Headers::Util. This class provides a few functions useful for parsing and constructing valid HTTP header values.
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    Advanced HTTP Client is a http client class.Advanced HTTP Client supports:- HTTP Proxy with Basic Authenticationmultipart/form-data AND application/x-www-form-urlencoded- GET, HEAD and POST methods- HTTP cookies- Chunked Transfer-Encoding- HTTP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols- Keep-Alive Connections- Basic WWW-Authentication
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    SubmitForce is a HTTP based URL submission class.It can submit URLs of pages that you want to be listed by search engine sites using GET or POST methods of form submission.New engines can be added to the engines.dat configuration file.
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    WebDAV client implements a WebDAV protocol client that is nearly conformant to RFC 2518 to modify resources on a HTTP server.It supports operations GET, PUT, MOVE, COPY, etc., either using HTTP/1.0 and HTTP/1.1.
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    HTTP Request class can be used to send HTTP requests to remote Web servers from Javascript code in Web pages without the need to reload such pages.The class generates the necessary Javascript for performing the HTTP requests and handle the returned XML responses. It uses same technology behind Gmail and many other sites, that is also known as AJAX.
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    With a little configuration and easy to install PHP Site Check Script will give your website visitors the ability to check the availability of http, ftp, smtp and pop3 ports right from your website. Download the script at our website.
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    php unit for performing HTTP GET and POST requests. Easy to use, brief documentation included.
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