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  1. iScramble
    157 total visits
    iScramble is a PHP script that allows you to protect sections of your HTML code from prying eyes. It scrambles the text into a form that is not human readable, and generates some JavaScript code to descramble it.iScramble can scramble any HTML code. It is particularly useful for hiding email addresses from email address harvesting robots. If you place your ...
  2. Actionpoll
    373 total visits
    Actionpoll is a simple PHP Voting script which provides the standard functionality such as unlimited options, IP tracking of users, easy installation, and HTML and WML output. An event can be triggered if a certain number of votes is reached. Surveys can be stored either in a MySQL database or in text files.
  3. ChatPad
    861 total visits
    ChatPat is a free and easy PHP Chat script for website. It is compatible with any websites and any modern web browsers and at the same time does not load anything than simple HTML.ChatPat is elegant and powerful PHP/MySQL based tool allows four different modes; from standard registration, to requiring only username selection or integration with existing membership system like ...
  4. No Screenshot
    619 total visits
    Minichatbox is a small and lightweight chat utility built with PHP. Chat data is saved in a locally stored HTML file. The chat box runs only on a web server.Features of MiniChatbox:- Free PHP Chatbox- Allows the use of emoticons- 'b' and 'i' HTML tags can be used in text- In built filter keeps your chatbox clean- Compact and easy ...
  5. HTML Calendar
    1443 total visits
    This PHP calendar script is used to creat a monthly calendar. It's easy to use and highly customizalbe, supports multiple languages, and you an choose whether start with Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or any other day. Of course you can creat as many calendars as you like. In 1582, Gregory XIII made a calendar reformation (advanced leap year rules + 10 ...
  6. dbHtmlTable
    226 total visits
    This is a PHP script that returns database query results inside an HTML table. Currently it supports MySQL only, but can easily be modified for other data sources and even for PHP 4 (PHP 5 is supported by default).Option names are not case sensitive.Some option names have aliases/shortcuts, as noted below.Some options accept a comma-separated list of fields (HideFields, AlignRight, ...
  7. Mail
    251 total visits
    This PHP email script can be used to compose and send HTML e-mail messages. It takes as parameters the message subject, HTML body text, sender, reply and recipient names and addresses.The script can also compose message headers and the body before send it to the destination.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  8. Page Header
    291 total visits
    Page Header script was created to generate HTTP responses and HTML page headers, It renders HTTP response header for several purposes like force downloading files, avoiding page caching or adding any arbitrary headers.This PHP Script can also generate HTML for the page head section for several purposes like including CSS or JavaScript files, defining the document type, add meta tags ...
  9. eoPaginator
    401 total visits
    This PHP script can generate navigation for listings split among pages. It takes as parameters the total number of entries in the listing, the limit of entries displayed per page and the number of the current page. This free script can also render links with the proper number of HTML markup to go to the next, previous, first, last and ...
  10. Simple Page Crawler
    717 total visits
    This is a PHP script consists of two classes to retrieve HTML pages and extract its elements. One class can be used to retrieve remote web pages, and the other be used to extract elements like the words in the page body, links, count the words in a page, etc..Functionalities of Simple Page Crawler:- Read keywords from specified site (and ...
  11. Leopard Form
    233 total visits
    This PHP script is created to compose, generate and validate HTML Forms. It can handle adding inputs and labels to a contact form frame rendering it automatically. Different types of basic validations can be associated to each input, when a form is submitted, This script will verify all validation rules and retrieve the submitted form values.Requirements:-PHP 5.2 or Higher
  12. Simple Form Generator
    487 total visits
    This script can be used to generate and validate contact forms and compose the form output by adding form input elements, like text, select, checkbox, radio, submit and even a CAPTCHA field. The CAPTCHA system is reCAPTCHA. It is a free PHP validation script.The script can also associate validation rules and generate JavaScript code to perform browser side validation as ...
  13. SmartGAPI
    592 total visits
    This script can display site statistics from Google Analytics. It uses the Google Analytics client script by Stig Manning to retrieve site statistics by sending HTTP requests to the Google Anaylytics API Web server.The main script can generate HTML and JavaScript that users jQuery to send AJAX requests that retrieves and displays the site statistics.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  14. Labels
    154 total visits
    This script can output address labels in HTML, Microsoft Word of PDF formats. It takes a list of addresses and generates pages displaying the given addresses.The script can generate the pages and serve them for download as files in HTML,Microsoft Word of PDF formats.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  15. PHP Template Inheritance
    383 total visits
    Template Inheritance is an extremely useful technique for making reusable HTML layouts for a site. It is much more flexible than alternative techniques, such as “including” common elements of a page (like a header and footer file).Requirements:- PHP 4.3 or Higher
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