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    display HTML on webpage is a simple script to display your HTML/PHP/JS code on a webpage witthout browser rendering it. This is useful tool for programming bloggers who wanted to display code on their page without actually rendering the html tags, it saves lot of time to edit manually.
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    Lightweight online chat room is a php script which requires only html, javascript, and php. It is very simple and easy to use, very little setup needed to install. Total program is in just 2 files.
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    Larrys Form Generation is a php script which can create HTML forms using jQuery for validation. It can generate HTML for different types of form elements like inputs, labels, form start and end sections. Meanwhile, the generated HTML includes JavaScript that can validate the form inputs either when the inputs are changed or the form is submitted. The validation can ...
  4. Slideshare HTML
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    Slideshare HTML is a PHP script to get custom embed codes for Slideshare presentations. It works by scraping the mobile site version for a presentation and putting together a custom embed code (via an iframe). This script uses YQL for scraping and conversion. Meanwhile, a working version is included with the download package.
  5. Post Snippets
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    Post Snippets is a WordPress plugin stores snippets of HTML code or reoccurring text that you often use in your posts. Predefined variables can be used to replace parts of the snippet on insert. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of Post Snippets:- All defined snippets are ...
  6. Free Availability Calendar
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    This Free Availability Calendar script is based on PHP / MySQL and uses a very simple code to generate a calendar which can be embed on your web page using a small piece of HTML code. It can be used on any website where availability needs to be shown.
  7. HTML DOM Parser
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    HTML DOM Parser is a PHP library for parsing the DOM tree and inspired by the way jQuery interprets the DOM. The library is a must when building DOM scraping scripts/apps. Documentation and various examples are included with the download package.What's New in This Version:- Supports xpath generated from Firebug.- New method "dump" of "simple_html_dom_node".- New attribute "xmltext" of "simple_html_dom_node".- ...
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    Propagator is written in PHP 5 allows you to copy a tag with the given ID attribute in an HTML page on any other HTML pages in the same directory and its subdirectories. It can be used for example to incorporate the Analytics code on all pages of a site built from files stored locally.If the site is powered by ...
  9. ReMarkable
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    ReMarkable Beta is a Markdown-like mark-up language and takes formatted plain-text and converts it into valid HTML code. It is similar to Markdown, but contains many differences. ReMarkable can be used inside PHP apps or from the command line.Features of ReMarkable Beta:- Paragraphs- Line Breaks- Headings- Automatic Title Case- Automatic Table of Contentshttp://camendesign.com/code/remarkable- Horizontal Rule / Thematic Break- Inline Formatting- ...
  10. Zoocache
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    Zoocache caches the output of your php pages for dramatically saving cpu power and speeding up loading of the pages, especially when using a CMS. Zoocache also provides an interface for plugins to manipulate the cached output, e.g. minifying the HTML markup, etc. Features of Zoocache: - Different storage drivers (currently file system & MySQL; easily extendable) - GZip compression ...
  11. SimpleReflector for PHP
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    This is a script for debugging PHP objects. Automatically handles null/true/false/empty strings.Unlike other scripts that destroy page layouts, it correctly escapes characters for HTML output, so the script output won't break the page.Shown debug info:- Class file/line location (especially useful when the same name class is defined multiple times in the filesystem).- Methods in the script, including parameter names.- Contents ...
  12. Force HTML Entities
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    This PHP script returns all of the characters in a string as HTML entities. Using this function when publishing e-mail addresses can help prevent web spiders from harvesting the data to send you spam.
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    This is a PHP based WYSIWYG editor for formatting content using BBCode. It allows the userd to enter BBcode via a nice-looking interface, and also interprets the input, converting it to standard HTML code.Features of BBCode generator PHP HTML decoder script:- This script is of plug and play type and hence doesn't require any installation.- It has a JavaScript supported ...
  14. Adaptive Images
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    This is a PHP image handling script for automatically resizing images for mobile devices. If the image is too big to show in the user's screen (mobile, tablet or desktop), the script resizes all HTML images to fit perfectly. No mark-up changes needed. Just drop it and forget about it. Features of Adaptive Images:- Works on an existing site- Works ...
  15. CssToInlineStyles Script
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    This is a PHP script for converting normal HTML pages into pages with inline CSS styles. This script scans for external CSS code and embeds it via inline 'style' attributes for each of their element.It will also move inline CSS code added via the meta head 'style'tag. CssToInlineStyles is the perfect tool for converting normal pages to HTML emails.The script ...
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