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    My Ajax allows youto generate HTML and Javascript to make AJAX calls to update pages without reloading. It generates HTML and Javascript functions that when called will perform AJAX requests and update specified page sections with data returned by the server as response to the AJAX requests.The generated Javascript code may submit AJAX requests using the GET or POST methods. ...
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    AJAX Treeview can be used to generate and update a hierarchical tree of elements from MySQL database content.A HTML page with some Javascript performs an AJAX request to obtain the list of elements of the tree from a MySQL database query.The tree of elements is returned to the browser in JSON format.
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    This PHP Form Mail script is developed by script is developed by WebMultimediaDesigner.com and it's free for personal or professional use. It's fully compatible with PHP 5.0.3 and will not create any problem to display form data in Outlook or any other E-mail Reader. The form result will be HTML Formatted. One thing you have to remember to use this ...
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    HTML2Text, HTML to plain text converter converts HTML to plain, formatted ASCII text. By default, the text is wrapped to 70 characters, and some basic formatting is applied to preserve some of the HTML formatting. Some examples:- Paragraphs are indented- Heading tags <h1> - <h3> are all caps- Horizontal lines, <hr>, are converted to hyphens- Links are preserved as a ...
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    HTML to Plain Text Conversion converts HTML to plain, formatted ASCII text. By default, the text is wrapped to 70 characters, and some basic formatting is applied to preserve some of the HTML formatting.Usage:// Include the class definition file.require_once('class.html2text.inc');// The "source" HTML you want to convert.$html = 'Sample string with HTML code in it';// Instantiate a new instance of the ...
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    mytoolbar can be used to generate HTML toolbars of image link buttons. It can compose a toolbar of buttons in an HTML table with a link for each button.The link URL, title, onclick event and the button image are configurable.
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    Data Grid Object can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. It is based on another class originally written by Carlos Miguel Guevara.This version includes several enhancements:- The code no longer issues warnings with E_STRICT error reporting enabled- Produces XHTML compliant HTML- Present all the information in the HTML table, including pagination- Provide Javascript callback functions to ...
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    Printing webpages is great, but every browser renders a page differently. This can cause problems if you need to be able to print a page that looks the same no matter what platform or browser is being used. Additionally, PDF files can be searched and browsed as a sort of notebook, making it a useful file format for large text ...
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    Suggester can be used to complete text typed in form text inputs using AJAX to retrieve text completion suggestions, similar to Google Suggest.The text completion suggestions are displayed as a menu below the text input that shows without page reloading.The text completion suggestions may be cached to avoid the overhead of requesting the same data from the server more than ...
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    HTML SAX Parser can parse HTML documents using regular expressions to split the document character data, the begin and end tag elements.For each type of elements, HTML SAX Parser call custom callback that can do any type of processing. The callback functions may bu global or be functions of a class of a given object.
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    Feed2Html is a free PHP script that converts data from RSS to HTML. If you already have an RSS feed, just install this script to your site. You will be amazed how convenient it will become to publish news. The Feed2Html script updates web-pages on-the-fly and makes sure that information from your RSS feeds is ready to be processed by ...
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    HTML SQL can be used to parse and extract information from HTML documents using a query language similar to SQL to define the information to be extracted.HTML SQL can open HTML documents stored as local files or as remote pages using the Snoopy class.HTML SQL can execute a query with a syntax similar to SQL SELECT statements to search an ...
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    HTML Data Parser can be used to parse HTML files to extract its structure of tags and data.There is a class that can parse HTML files and strings and build an array of elements with all the tags and text data that is found.There is another class that extends the base parser class to parse template files and extract the ...
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    mk_t2h class allows you to process input HTML code.Features of mk_t2h:- parse input text and return HTML tags information- delete unsafe tags and parameters (highly configurable)- replace URLs with links- e-mail addresses anti-spam encoding- replace defined [%variables]- mk_html_special_chars() - improved htmlspecialchars() with HTML entities support- mk_replace_by_index() - improved strtr() with case ignoring option- mk_ereg_filter() - improved ereg_replace() with callback function ...
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    BS XHTML Valid can be used validate HTML that is XHTML compliant and remove tags and data that are not accepted.BS XHTML Valid can parse the HTML data as a XML document and traverse it to verify whether it complies with a list of rules that define acceptable tags and data.BS XHTML Valid can delete forbidden and duplicate tags and ...
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