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    The function will return a reference to a variable containing the HTML code for creating the table containing the CSV records. However an output HTML filepath may be specified to allow output to an HTML file. The returned reference will contain a boolean false if an error occurs.If output need not be stored as an HTML file the $htmlFilePath mustbe ...
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    The style properties of HTML elements, such as the text font type, size, color and alignment, are abstracted by the font class. The cell class abstracts the cells that compose the table.The table class abstracts the definition of the layout and presentation details of tables.
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    Wysarea can generate text inputs area for editing an HTML document, that can act as a replacement of textare form input. It uses Javascript and an HTML iframe to display and edit the HTML document.The document can be edited in visual or HTML text mode and can be previewed in real time. Wysarea can be useful for instance for managing ...
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    Several classes for generating different types of basic HTML elements such as paragraphs, links, forms, images, etc., are provided.go!Johnny class library also provides several other classes that can generate more complex custom page elements like menus, blog entries, Flash players, Google maps, etc..Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    Several classes are provided to wrap around different types of HTML element tags.Each HTML element class can take specific parameters and generate HTML that can be used by parent elements in the document hierarchy to generate complete HTML documents.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    FCKEditor Plug-in is an alternative to a simple textarea input, which is also able to edit HTML code.Key Features of FCKEditor Plug-in:- The FCKEditor Javascript library is used to display and edit the html.- It implements a custom event named ONCOMPLETE, that is triggered when the editor is completely loaded- Multiple FCKEditor inputs can be displayed in the same form- ...
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    A random number of objects that represent HTML tag nodes are generated. Each object may have a random number of child HTML tag nodes up to to a given limit of nested depth. Each HTML tag node is also filled with random data.Once the random tree of HTML nodes is generated, the HTML document is generated as the output of ...
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    Power HTML Cleaner can take a list of names of tags to keep as parameters. Then it replaces the allowed tags by pseudo-tags.The remaining tags are removed and the original tags are restored in the final pass. A class variable is used to store the resulting HTML document, which can also be saved to a file.
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    DHTMLDump takes the value of a PHP variable of either the types of integer, string, object, array, etc, and displays it as a nested tree. It can traverse arrays and objects recursively. It can also limit the of the depth of the tree when display arrays or objects to avoid infinite loops while display variables that are part of circular ...
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    Panel_Fichas tab control generates an HTML table that acts like the Tab Control we use in GUIs. It has a tab bar in first top row with the appropiate links and names of every tab is defined.The second row of the table deploys the contents of the active tab, which can turn out to be a string contained in a ...
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    Simple Tabs generates several HTML links that are rendered using div tags with configurable CSS class. The text on the active tab is not linked.
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    HTML Info can retrieve the title, meta data, images and links.
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    A given page is retrieved and the HTML contained between specified start and end tags is extracted. Get tag value may also look for multiple tags.If found, the HTML data found between the start and end tags is returned in a class variable.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    GonxTabs creates HTML tab controls that are meant to switch between different content or aspects of a page.GonxTabs outputs HTML that displays tab navigation links decorated with nice images served by a class that containes built-in image data generated with img2php class.
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    Tab Class generates HTML to display a window with tab button controls. When the tabs are clicked, the contents of the window changes without page reloading.Static HTML files, text files or the output of a PHP script can be used to define each of the tabs.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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