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    Globals can generate entire <HEAD> sections, including all the associated meta tags, as well as <A>, <IMG> and other tags. Globals can generate HTML 4.01 Transitional or XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
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    Email Code is a simple class which generates mailto HTML link tag using Javascript code, so the email addresses in Web pages become difficult harvest by robot programs used by spammers.Although easy to use Email Code allows the full use of all possible email paramaters as well using a CSS class to define the presentation stil.
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    Kreatura is useful for creating an HTML page with several visual elements that should be displayed in specific places. This is often achieved by putting these elements into tables. However, creating many tables with a complex structure of row and column spans often becomes tedious and not very efficient.Tables can be built with this class by creating cells with given ...
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    The string is split into php and HTML sections, with each php section being evaluated and the HTML ones displayed in their current form. A web based editor that makes use of the MixedEval class is also included. The editor may be helpful for learning php.MixedEval allows the user to create a variable number of textareas, each of which can ...
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    Validator4Fields can validate values against several types of rules. It can check an associative array of string values to verify whether a given set of rules.Currently Validator4Fields can perform the following checks:- Empty strings- E-mail address- String with spaces- URL- Secure password- String length limit- String with bad wordsIf there are any invalid values, the class output HTML with Javascript ...
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    Several table aspects can be configured through table.
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    You can loop over an array of colors (or colspan, or align, or whatever) by row or col an arbitrary number of times.Templates can be used in order to reuse table designs.
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    The output can be presented as text, HTML, a JavaScript pop-up or a logfile.
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    HTML Count searches a document for the HTML tags using a given regular expression. The document can be a file that is available locally or remotely.The tags and the number of occurrences can be outputted in an HTML list.
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    Table Maker has been developed so that generating tables can be achieved with the minimum of commands.Requirements: HTML Tag Maker class
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    Regular expressions are used to extract the relevant information from NZB files and the results are outputted in an HTML table.
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    A cross-browser WYSIWYG editor is implemented based on HTMLArea 3.0.Requirements: PHP 3 or higher
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    The output of the currently running script is captured until it exists. In the end HTML Document outputs the content in the middle of a page header and footer generated by the class.HTML Document provides convenience functions to define the HTML that goes in the page header like: Javascript, CSS, RSS feed URLs and other meta tags.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or ...
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    CriosWeb HTML Cleaner takes a string with the HTML document to clean and parses it assuming a given character set encoding. Several types of clean-up operations can be performed.Key Features of CriosWeb HTML Cleaner:- Removing style definitions- Remove tags or attributes based on white lists or blacklists- Optimize code (merge inline tags, strip empty inline tags, trim excess new lines)- ...
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    XMap is a PHP Class and a set of tools to automate the creation of HTML pages. It use a XML file where you can place all of your html pages like title, description, keywords. In addition, XMap can generated the Navigator Bar on your site, can tell to your page what html file to load as menu and so ...
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