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    Image Hotlink Log and Control is a collection of PHP scripts which allows you to easily log and control hotlinking of images on your Apache hosted web site. Checking who is linking your images and how much bandwidth they are leeching. You can also control what happens to individual hotlinkers - you can block images, substitute images, or best of ...
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    Sometimes, you don't like to hotlink images from other sites. So, Sometimes, you don't like to hotlink images from other sites. So, with this tiny qr code script, your server will fetch the data from google api and send back to your users. From users' point of view, QrCode is from your server.
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    Three protection mechanism are available and can be used. When an invalid attempt to access the protected images is performed, the class can execute exception actions like redirecting the browser to a given URL or displaying a given alternative image.Key Features of Protector:- Serve the image with several headers to tell browses to not cache the images- Avoid hot linking ...
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    RubberwaLL is a free watertight anti-leech solution for your site. All files sit in a protected directory, which only the script itself has login permissions for. Upon receipt of a file request, the script checks the visitor has actually come from YOUR site.If they do originate from your site, the script logs on to the protected folder, loading the requested ...
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