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    The freeware script is an easy php opening time program in order to show too different times passed away suitable texts, suitable for shops, practise, ect. A data bank is not required.Joomla compatible Appearance, Example: Now our shopis closed! Monday open 08 - 12:30, 13 - 19 o'clock.The pattern is always: Opening time, lunchbreak closingtime or only: Opening time, closing-timeFeatures: ...
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    The dates for Ascension, Easter Pentecost, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, can be computed for a specified year. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The dates for Easter, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Ascension day, Whitsun, Trinity, Corpus Christi and Sacred Heart, can be determined.
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    Holidays of interest can be added or removed easily. Gregorian, Hewbrew, and Islamic calendar utility functions are included.
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    cDates can render a given month calendar as an HTML table, optionally denoting holidays and days of user defined events. The presentation of the calendar tables cells can be configured with CSS.cDates may also perform several types of date manipulation operations such as checking whether a date is valid or is an holiday, compute the time between two dates, or ...
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    Work Days can calculate the number of days excluding business holidays and weekend days that occur between the two given dates. A specified date can also be checked to determine if it is a valid business day.Currently Work Days considers only United Kingdom holidays but the class can easily be expanded to support other countries.
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    Kalender classes is a class that computes and displays month calendars in HTML table denoting days known to be holidays.Several presentation details may be configured including the locale dependent texts like the names of the months and holidays.Kalender classes comes with locale text definitions for German in a separate script but other scripts may be used to present the calendar ...
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    Kalendar is a class that computes and displays holidays in a calendar.
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