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  1. PHP hit counter
    881 total visits
    PHP hit counter is a php counter script which use this free php hit counter code on you site and host many stat counters. This package comes with many unique digit images and enables you to make your own counter hosting. It comes with 16 different digit styles in 4 languages including regular digits, Arabic digits, Japanese digits and Thai ...
  2. Bliss Hit Counter
    203 total visits
    Bliss Hit Counter is a simple traffic stats hit counter for WordPress blogs. Just install, configure and add it to the sidebar. Features of Bliss Hit Counter:- Exclude IP addresses from the counter stats- Alignment options- Set to count only unique visitors- Start the counter from a preset value Requirements:- WordPress 2 or higher What's New in This Version:- Plugin ...
  3. No Screenshot
    1849 total visits
    SVs Simple Counter, a simple PHP counter that counts your website visitors. SVs Simple Counter now has the ability to either show the count as plain text, or images; and whether or not to count only unique hits, or all hits.
  4. No Screenshot
    1546 total visits
    vinWebStats creates simple statistics regarding Web page hits.
  5. No Screenshot
    1984 total visits
    spiderCount v1.2 is a simple image-based hit counter. This script increments a hit count every time it is called. The hit count is stored in a plain text file. spiderCount then outputs the count as a PNG image. The PNG image is generated using images of the digits 0-9. The user can begin the counter at any number. The user ...
  6. No Screenshot
    1832 total visits
    Page Counter can be used to display a graphical page hit counter. It read, update and stores the page hit counts in text files.The counter is displayed a sequence of HTML tags for images that represent each digit of the current page hit count. The counter digits may display trailing zeros. The width and height of the digit images can ...
  7. No Screenshot
    1470 total visits
    Well its a very simple hits counter that only logs individual hits, in other words one hit per person per visit. Its work simply by checking the visitors Remote Address and logs it as a SESSION. Once the visitor enters your site the session is then logged with their Remote Address and the hits counter logs one hit. For as ...
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