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    histogram can then generate another image representing the RGB histogram of the first.
  2. Histogram class
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    Histogram class, a class to generate histogram plots and statistics from a given data set. Returns 2 arrays by using the getStats() and getBins() methods.
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    Simple Histogram can draw a graph of bars with the supplied values, with a specified with and height, with optional horizontal and vertical axis scales and labels and the possibility of choosing the colors of the background and the axis labels. The colors of the bars are picked by the class automatically.The PHP GD extension is used to create the ...
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    Graidle can be used to generate several types of graphical diagrams. There are several classes specialized in generating histograms, pie charts and line charts.Several presentation aspects may be configured like the colors, labels, axis, etc.. The diagrams are generated as true color images using the GD library functions, and can be displayed as the current script output or saved to ...
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