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    highlighting_skipphtml can be used to highlight words in of text in HTML. Matches in the html tags will be skipped.
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    Key Highlighter is a simple class that can look for given keywords on the current script output and alter it to highlight the matched keywords in a special way that can be configured.Optionally Key Highlighter is possible to use it with my CReferrer class and have an automatic way to highlight the keywords that may have been used in a ...
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    Safe keyword highlight highlight text that matches a given search string (keyword) in HTML based documents, without affecting any HTML tags.This may be useful for processing text and highlight against a glossary of terms for example, or page excerpts returned from search results (like Google).
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    Calendar Multilanguage Generator can output month calendars with titles in multiple idioms. It outputs the current month in an HTML table highlighting the cell that corresponds to the current day.The month and week day names may displayed in different idioms. Currently the idioms that are supported are: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, Croatian and Turkish.The comments in the code are ...
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    Highlight is a very simple class that can search for a given text expression in a longer sentence and highlight it.The class determine if the search text is present in the sentence. If present, it returns the HTML of the whole sentence marking all occurences with red background color.
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    Compare Files can compare two text files, like for instance PHP, HTML, ASP, to determine which lines are different. It can also highlight the differences displaying the files in inline frames.
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    This class is meant to process a SQL statement text string and reformat it with HTML tags that can highlight different parts of the statement with different colors and styles.The syntax of SQL statements that are supported is defined in external files that can be changed to improve the types of SQL keywords that are recognized and highlighted.
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    HTML parser classes is meant to parse HTML code from a string or from a file and generate the processed content that may highlighted with different functions that handle the HTML tags, attributes, data, comments and DTD information.Optionally, the processed HTML may be outputted with line numbering.HTML parser classes may be used to different HTML processing by the means of ...
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