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    Highlighter can highlight PHP code and turn keywords into links to the respective manual page in the PHP.net site. If the code is not enclosed in PHP code tags <?php and ?>, first it adds these tags before highlighting the code.A text string can also be escaped to display as HTML, via configurable block tags.Requirements: PHP 4.3.2 or higher
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    Highlight Code uses its own code to detect functions and build links to the respective manual pages.
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    Several types of operations can be performed on files and directories.Key Features of File Manager System:- List and retrieve information of files and sub-directories of a given directory sorted by several types of parameters- Remove files and directories from a list- Search for files and directories by name- Create, rename and delete directories- Create, rename, move, copy, delete, upload and ...
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    Strings can be word wrapped.Key Features of Text Helper Class:- Capitalize the first letter of all words of string- Count the number of non-whitespace characters, words, sentences in a string- Encode strings for displaying as HTML, in URLs, escaping quotes, as hexadecimal, as Javascript strings, and obfuscate e-mail addresses- Exclude given words from a string- Highlight PHP code- Indent strings- ...
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    The current month is the default and the current day is highlighted.
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    A text document is traversed and the words using letters of a specified character set are located.Find Words can highlight the words that have characters all of the specified character set, or the words that have characters that are not of the character set, or both kinds of words.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Simple navigation takes as parameter an array that defines the URL, text and the title of the links.Simple navigation generates a HTML for a list of links and Javascript code to highlight the links with a different style when the user drags the mouse over each link.The normal and highlighted link colors can be configured.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    A form for uploading two CSS definitions file is displayed. When the files are uploaded the class compares each of the CSS definitions.CSS Comparer displays both CSS files in a side by side columns highlighting the differences with a different color.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The different lines in a HTML table can also be displayed, by highlighting the changes.
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    Designed to output lists or reports of data, typically directly from database query results, but also quite useful for quickly formatting generic array results for display. Features include record linking (i.e. the link for each row in the resulting list depends on the values of data within that row – useful in drill-down style reporting systems), record pagination, column sorting, ...
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    mabp::cache can be used to capture and process the content of whole Web pages. It uses PHP output buffering support to capture the content of the current page.Before sending the captured pages content, it can execute several processing actions like: compressing the pages content, rewrite the URLs of links, images and forms, highlight words in the page text with a ...
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    The XhtmlValidator can be used to validate XHTML documents. It uses only the expat extension functions always available under since PHP 3 and it does not need other external XML processing extensions. The class parses the documents and check whether the tags and attributes used by the documents are allowed within the XHTML standard.If validation errors are found, highlighted error ...
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    Source code highlighting can be used to highlight source code in several languages, as well some other text formats. It can highlight text strings or files. It generates XHTML as highlighted output.Currently Source code highlighting supports the following languages and text formats: C , CSS, DIFF, DTD, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL and XML.Requirements: PEAR Text_Highlighter
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    GeSHi is a Generic Syntax Highlighter for PHP. The user inputs the source to be highlighted and a language to highlight it in, and GeSHi returns the source code, highlighted and formatted for the web.GeSHi includes features for increasing the speed of highlighting, changing how the source is displayed and decreasing the amount of HTML source outputted for speed over ...
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    Page highlighter is used for browsing the web and highlighting some words in the page using regexp, which is more comfortable than strg-f in browser.
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