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    Highlighter is a WordPress plugin that allows an author to highlight specific words, sentences, and images. After activation, users can select text and images, right-click and a special popup menu will appear with special options. It will allow the user to share that content on Twitter, via email, or add a special comment. All highlights will automatically be added under ...
  2. WP - Code
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    WP-Code plugin adds syntax highlighting to blog posts containing source code. It has support for 40 or more popular languages. Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Here are some key features of "WP-Code": -Fortran -FreeBasic -Java -Java5 -JavaScript -jQuery -Latex -Make -Matlab -MySQL -Oracle11 -Pascal -Perl -Perl6 -PHP -PowerBuilder -Python ...
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    Print Line Table generates HTML table reports from associative arrays with data that define the header titles and the contents of the rows. Functions of Print Line Table:- Display the first row with the titles of the columns- Highlight rows with special colors when the user drags the mouse pointer over them- Display links for given pages where eventually details ...
  4. ContentBBcode Parser
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    This class can be used to parse and reformat BBCode like tags as HTML. The class recognizes special tags that start with the name rk: OR rk_ . When these are found in the content text with this BBCode like tags, it looks up in a SQLite database for the PHP code that can process the tags that were found. ...
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    DebugHelper can be used to display var info, takes time, dumps source.CONSTRUCTOR:function debugHelper ($outputType = HTML)Features of DebugHelper- function dump ($thing, $options = null)- function getOptions($type, $additionalOptions = null)- function highlightFile($file, $from = 1, $count = EOF)- function startTimer ($id = 'default')- function stopTimer ($id = 'default')- function getTime ($id = 'default')- function toTable ($array, $header = null, $horizontal = ...
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    SHPHP is a port to SHJS written in PHP. This script allows to highlight source codes for use on your website. It uses language definitions from GNU Source-highlight. It generated clean highlighted code with all unnecessary style elements excluded.
  7. ArAutoSummarize
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    The script ArAutoSummarize can be used to automatically extract key phrases to summarize an given Arabic text. ArAutoSummarize can also parse a long Arabic text and use stemming and ranking algorithms to identify which can the be the most important keywords than can be used to summarize the text. To mark the text to highlight the keywords along the given ...
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    SQLm is meant to process and execute SQL queries to PostgreSQL databases using template files to define the SQL statements and the Smarty engine to process the SQL templates and assign the query parameter values. The class SQLm includes means to profile the queries that are executed keeping track of the time that they take. It may also highlight the ...
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    Whisper Table can compose a table by defining the content and styles of the table cells and headers. Whisper Table can generate HTML DIV tags and style definitions to render the composed table. Whisper Table also supports row highlighting or styling for mouse over events. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A page can be retrieved from a specified remote site.Keyword Highlight in HTML contents can search and highlight given keywords in the retrieved page changing the background color of the sections where the keywords appear.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    ML_Cal can be used to display month calendars highlighting days associated to special events. It generates month calendars using HTML tables. If any month days is one of the special event dates, the class renders the respective table cell with a different style and shows the event day names.Several calendar presentation details are configurable. The calendar can also be displayed ...
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    The comments, data, tags, attributes and attribute values of the input document are styled using CSS.
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    Words similar to a given one can be searched with a specified length limit imposed on them.Key Features of lib_dictionary:- Check whether a word exists in the dictionary- Check the spelling of a given phrase using HTML tags to highlight with a different color the words that may be misspelled- Add words from a fileRequirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    ChiliHighlighter for PHP generates HTML tags with Javascript that users JQuery and its plug-ins to highlight a given piece of code in a Web page.Currently ChiliHighlighter for PHP supports the languages: C++, C#, CSS, Delphi, Java, JavaScript, LotusScript, MySQL, PHP and XHTML. The highlighted code can be inputted as a text string or read from a file on the server.Requirements: ...
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    Sometimes there is the need to distribute PHP code with syntax highlighting in a way that it can be presented without a Web server to run PHP source syntax highlighting functions.This class can generate PDF documents from PHP source code. The PHP code is highlighted to enhance its presentation.It supports PHP 4 and PHP 5.
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