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    Nested Sets DB Tree can be used to manipulate nested sets of database table records that form an hierarchical tree.Features of Nested Sets DB Tree:- It provides means to initialize the record tree, insert record nodes in specific tree positions, retrieve node and parent records, change position of nodes and delete record nodes.- It uses ANSI SQL statements and ADODB ...
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    Celko Visitation Model can be use to manipulate hierarchic trees of records stored in a MySQL database using Joe Celko visitation model. It can perform the following tasks in a very effecient way mostly using one SELECT query statement. Features of Celko Visitation Model:- Find out leaf nodes in the current tree (nodes have no children)- Find out nodes of ...
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    HTML dbtree implements an efficient method to manipulate hierarchical data stored in SQL databases tables by using preordered tree records. It is a more efficient method to add, remove and retrieve data that form trees of records, than using the traditional recursive way to manage trees using only a field parent that is really mich more resource consuming as it ...
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    pConfig can be used to create and manage hierarchical configuration files. The configuration is defined as a tree of unlimited depth on which the nodes may contain any type of values.The class read and write the configuration to files. The class supports writing configuration files in a protected mode, which consists of generating a PHP script file that does not ...
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    Lib Script Parser is meant to parse configuration files that define hierarchies of settings with unlimited depth. It builds associative arrays with the names of the options and the respective values.
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    Diagram 2 can draw diagrams of hierarchy trees defined in XML files. The diagram class is a follow-up of another class released here before. Instead of arrays, now it uses XML to define the diagram.Diagram 2 also implements more features supporting: borders, text colors, fonts, text alignments, backgrounds, paddings, margins, text over the node connections and the thickness of the ...
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    Diagram draws a diagram from an array that defines an hierarchy tree. You can set font of the text labels and the colors used in the diagram image.Please check the generated documentation for more details.
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    MPTTA for PHP and MySQL is a script can manage hierarchic trees of information stored in a MySQL database. It can add, move or delete branches inside a database tree created using the Modified Preorder Tree Traversal Algorithm described by Joe Celko in the DBMS Magazine in 1996. MPTTA for PHP and MySQL can run using PHP 4 and MySQL ...
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