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    PHPeas is a component architecture for the PHP 5 object model, and an associated set of helper libraries to help simplify and enhance the existing PHP object introspection and reflection APIs.A PHPea is an object oriented, reusable software component built using the PHP 5 Object Model. The primary, unifying feature that distinguishes a PHPea is its support for instrospection, specifically ...
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    REST Server uses a model-view-controller (MVC) design patterns implementation to route REST GET, POST, DELETE and URL to controllers classes. It also provide helpers for handling HTTP requests, response, headers, MIME types and authentication. REST Server makes use of decoration instead of inheritance, so classes do not need to be extended in order to implement servers. No configuration files, custom ...
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    htdig-php-helper, an object who's properties are found in the template files is produces.
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    PHP Debugger and Helper can be use to help debugging PHP applications. It can capture and log any errors and thrown exceptions even when PHP error reporting options are disabled.The logged errors are translated into more readable error messages providing hints for possible fixes that may need to be applied to the faulty code. The messages can be localized to ...
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