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    ASCII Crypt can be used to encrypt and decrypt text messages using pure PHP code. It does not require any encryption libraries. It just uses MD5 for hashing.The text can be encrypted with a password that needs to be used to decrypt the resulting encrypted text.
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    DaocGuildXML parses the XML feed supplied by the Camelot Herald.DaocGuildXML will parse any guild XML feed into a hash array tree. There are a couple of helper functions to return the member list array and a list of attributes for each member.
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    DcSessionManager is meant to manage sessions storing the information about their state in a MySQL database table. It generates an hash with 64 characters that is used to identify each session and may be passed between pages using cookies or request variables.DcSessionManager has security in mind, providing means to prevents session hijack by using 2 hashes (double crypted) in only ...
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    DBUM is a class that can help you to handle your Web site users, groups and sessions. It based on PEAR DB, so you can use many DB types like (mysql, mssql, odbc, postgre7 and soon).dbum_class.inc uses SHA1 hashing algorithm for storing passwords, so the class only works with PHP version 4.3.0 or above. It has other helpful functions that ...
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    Using a hash array, a user may escape or un-escape any string using any string. Also unescape it, or customize it for any database, or other application. It prevents(?) or lessens the likelyhood of SQL injection.
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    SHA classes provides you a pure PHP implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm.
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    Cwfm (Comet WebFileManager) is a complete Web-based file manager with Explorer-like interface. Features of Cwfm: - Multiuser with per-user configurable permissions; - Multilingual support; - No database required; - Context menu in file and tree area;- Easy admin panel; - Access all areas of file system; - No cleartext password transmitted over the line, Md5 hashing in browser; - Directory ...
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