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    phpMoAdmin is a PHP GUI for the MongoDB database system. It is self-contained in one single file. To use, no configuration is needed, just place it anywhere on a site. Features of phpMoAdmin:- Fast AJAX-driven XHTML 1.1 interface- Cross-browser support- Import/export data in JSON format- Export full collections- Export the results of any query- Import can insert only new records, ...
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    PHP GUI API is packages which can render HTML pages composed programmatically. It is designed in a similar fashion as Java's GUI package, although this one is for HTML components rather than desktop application. It consists of a set of scripts that wrap around several types of HTML page components and css elements that can be composed and configured programmatically ...
  3. PHP Watermarker
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    PHP Watermarker is a PHP script for applying watermarks to images. It works by allowing the user (via a GUI) to select a watermark and the original image to apply it to. A demo is included with the download package. Read the instructions before using.
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    BIKE is a light MySQL web GUI which is written in PHP which allows programmers to interact with a database via a web browser. It is perfect for remote databases or a getting more organized query results. Features of BIKE:- Records up to 40 recent queries- Twitter Bootstrap based interface- AJAX interactions- Queries are stored in different tabs (8)- Save ...
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    igitigit is a web-based GUI for Git repositories, which works with multiple repositories at the same time. Features of igitigit:- Easy to config- Directory browser- Repository browser- History- File/Blob viewer (Text only)- Raw file/blob download- Blob history- Commit viewer- Branch selection- Tags Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher
  6. FormMail Lite
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    FormMail Lite is a simple PHP GUI for creating and deploying contact forms. It is very easy to use and install, the script allows non-technical users to create their own contact forms. Features of FormMail Lite:- Created forms are stored in a flat-file database.- The layout of the forms can be customized at will.- Auto-responder to automatically respond to form ...
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    Ad Code Manager is a GUI for managing ad codes in WordPress sites. The plugin adds a page in the WP admin backend for managing all advertising codes. Features of Ad Code Manager:- Add new ad codes- Modify the parameters for a script URL- Define conditionals to determine when the ad code appears Requirements:- WordPress 3.1 or Higher What's New ...
  8. GTK Popup Menu App
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    This is a PHP script to create GTK popup menus Menus are bound to class functions.It retrieves the list of functions of the script and create a popup menu with entries that are handled by the class functions with names which do not start by _ nor are named run.The menu entry titles are taken from the respective class names ...
  9. GTK Dialogs
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    This PHP script can open GUI dialog windows with PHP-GTK to display alert messages, confirmation or prompt requests. It returns the string value entered by the user in prompt dialog or the boolean value that determines whether the user has confirmed the confirm dialog question. The dialog messages can be defined using HTML tags.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    This class uses the WDDX format to describe data for generating user interfaces.From the WDDX data, any type of markup, including XUL, can be generated using XSLT. The generated markup can describe an entry form, for example.The data entered by the users in the generated forms can be validated on the client-side using javascript, or on the server-side by PHP ...
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    This class can used to generate license style keys to control the distribution and functionality of PHP applications.It generates license strings that can bind PHP applications to specific domains, specific servers, can only be executed during limited time period, or to restrictions placed on a home server within the license key.The binding to server process attempts to use the server ...
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    PHP 4 Applications is a class set for implementing a GUI with forms, listviews, etc, using event driven programming helped by the "Remote Scripting" method.The goals of PHP 4 Applications are to:- Do all the work in PHP without having to take care of generating HTML, capturing events on the server side, processing this events using PHP , and returning ...
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    GTK warning messages can be used to manage GUI windows opened with PHP-GTK to display warning messages. It can open a window to display a given warning message and an icon to display near the message text.GTK warning messages automatically associates a button that triggers an action to close the window. The comments in the code are in Portuguese and ...
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    Panel_Fichas tab control generates an HTML table that acts like the Tab Control we use in GUIs. It has a tab bar in first top row with the appropiate links and names of every tab is defined.The second row of the table deploys the contents of the active tab, which can turn out to be a string contained in a ...
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    Menu Icon is meant to create menus for PHP-GTK GUI windows. You can add items with optional icon images associating events and labels with shortcut keys, separators, an handle box.
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