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  1. GTK Dialogs
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    This PHP script can open GUI dialog windows with PHP-GTK to display alert messages, confirmation or prompt requests. It returns the string value entered by the user in prompt dialog or the boolean value that determines whether the user has confirmed the confirm dialog question. The dialog messages can be defined using HTML tags.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  2. No Screenshot
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    This Script is designed to take screenshot of web pages using Mozilla embedded GTK widget. It can create a graphical user interface window using PHP-GTK 2 that contains a GTKMozEmbed browser widget. The browser widget is pointed to a given URL and the script saves the page as to a image file in PNG format when the page stops loading.Requirements:- ...
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    msgbox is meant to create and manage the input events of message box desktop window to wait for the user input using PHP-Gtk extension. You can create a message box window specifying its title message, the icon to present with the message, the buttons with the text of the options that the user can choose, popup or modal window mode. ...
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    Menu Editable creates context menus to associate to gtkeditable widgets of PHP-GTK graphical user interfaces. These menus usually appear when the user clicks on the right mouse button when the pointer is over the editable widget.Menu Editable provides a common menu with the functions to cut, paste, copy, delete, select all and cancel. When the user clicks on these menu ...
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    Window can be used to open and manage graphical user interface windows using PHP-Gtk. It can open alert windows that optionally may show a special icon image and a message label.The message text font, font size and style attributes are configurable. The window icon image may be set to a a given icon pixmap image file.
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    PHP-Gtk winDialog can be used to display notice messages as in dialog windows using PHP-Gtk.PHP-Gtk winDialog can create a window with a given notice message text and an Ok button. The function to callback when the Ok button is pressed is also configurable.The comments in the code are in English and Portuguese.
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    GTK warning messages can be used to manage GUI windows opened with PHP-GTK to display warning messages. It can open a window to display a given warning message and an icon to display near the message text.GTK warning messages automatically associates a button that triggers an action to close the window. The comments in the code are in Portuguese and ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    Icone Factory is a simple class that can be used create PHP-GTK icon buttons from given icon images files.Icone Factory extends the GtkButton class, so the functions of the base class may still be called. It attaches an icon image to the button in the class constructor function. The icon image file must be in the XPM format.Icone Factory can ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    Menu Icon is meant to create menus for PHP-GTK GUI windows. You can add items with optional icon images associating events and labels with shortcut keys, separators, an handle box.
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    PHP GTk Progress Bar can be used to create a progress bar control for PHP-Gtk applications. The class can create bar control and associate a label that shows a progress message with a given style.The comments in the code are in English and Portuguese.
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    Menu Bar Generator can be used to generate menu bars from a XML definition for PHP-GTK 2 applications. It can use customized icons, support tear off menus, separator and sub-menus.The menu XML definition can be read from a file or a string.
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