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    Easy Grid can be used to display and data grids using AJAX. It uses Yahoo User interface library Javascript classes to perform AJAX requests.A Javascript script calls Yahoo UI libraries to load the data for the table from the server.The same Javascript script performs the AJAX interaction with the PHP script that includes the PHP class.Easy Grid accesses an CSV ...
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    DataGrid can be used to display paginated MySQL query results in data grid. It renders an HTML table with listings of data retrieved results of a given MySQL query.The listings can be split between pages with a limited number of result rows per page. The column names appear as links that can be clicked to sort the listing by the ...
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    DigiOz Datagrid can be used to browse data from a given MySQL table to display it using HTML tables. It executes a SELECT SQL query to retrieve data from a given table.The data is retrieved into an array of a limited number of rows that corresponds to the current result page to display. The data is displayed in an HTML ...
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    PHP data grid class can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. It executes a given SQL SELECT query and generates an HTML table defined by a template to display the query results.The results table also shows links to navigate between query result pages. The number of result rows to display per page is configurable. The results ...
  5. XAJAX Grid
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    XAJAX Grid can be used to edit data from SQL databases using AJAX to avoid page reloading.It generates the listings of data from SQL databases using HTML tables and Javascript generated by the XAJAX library to interact with the server to edit database data being displayed.
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    FlexiReport generates tabular HTML reports from database data.It supports nested levels, sub-reports, and totals.The presentation details are configurable using CSS stylesheets.The output is configurable to allow formatting of individual fields: uppercase, percent, currency, decimal, date.Other optional features include hyperlinks inside cells, non-display of duplicate values, conditional formatting, and shared column titles. To use the class it is assumed the developer ...
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    Simple Data Grid can be used to display MySQL database query result data in an HTML table grid.There are classes to define details of the headers and body of table grid. There is also a class for executing MySQL database queries and return the results in a bi-dimensional array.The data grid classes can be customized to specify presentation details such ...
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    dbGrid Extreme can be used to display in an HTML table grid data from a MySQL database table in a way that can be edited.Features of dbGrid Extreme:- Splitting data between multiple pages with navigation links- Display rows of data with alternate background colors- Control the columns by which the presented data is sorted- Display optional links to pages for ...
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    Easy Data Grid is a simple class that can display the results of a MySQL database query in an HTML table. It takes as parameters a result set resource handle and a list of result columns to display.The results are displayed in an HTML table that may have every other row with a custom background color. Additionally, a special column ...
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    baaGrid is a versatile data grid class that is meant to present database query results. Also produces cross-tabs (pivot tables).baaGrid supports displaying totals, subtotals, definining row and column styles and conditional cell highlighting. It supports querying databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and others via ODBC.
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    CGrid class creates an array with titles of columns.Properties:- table // Instance of recordset- titles // Array with titles of columns- colsSize // Size of each colum- colsOrder // Name of fields to ORDER BY SQL- titlesBgColor // BgColor of Titles- titlesOnColor // BgColor of selected title- titlesOffColor // BgColor of non selected- listColor // Color of content- overRow // ...
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    phpMyDataGrid can be used to display and edit records of a MySQL database table, edition can be done via AJAX. It can display the contents of the records of a given databasein an HTML table. It can be configured to determine which fields of the database table are displayed.The HTML table displays the names of the fields in the header ...
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