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    Array to Table Grid takes an array of data and generates an HTML table of a given number of the columns, filling the cells with the array data. The generated HTML table is returned as a single string. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    There is one class that can execute SQL SELECT queries in either MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server. Then tGrid can generate an HTML table with the query results. The secondary class can generate links to browse paginated query results. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Eyesis Data Grid Control can execute a given SQL query and generate HTML and JavaScript code to display the data in an HTML table. The table listing can be sorted by clicking on the column header titles. AJAX can also be used to display the data grid tables. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Text that renders a bi-demensional array's data into table with aligned rows and columns, is generated.The layout can be configured with additional information that specified details like the limit width of each column, vertical and horizontal alignment of the cells of each column, the characters used to separate rows, columns and line breaks.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    mygrid extends the GtkListStore to display the results of a given MySQL query in the columns of the list.Custom names can be assigned to the list columns. Then mygrid traverses a given MySQL query result set and fills the list rows with data from the result set data.Requirements: PHP 5.1 or higher
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    PDO XML Grid can executes a given SQL query using PDO and generates a XML document from the query results. An XSL stylesheet can be used to transform the generated XML document into an HTML table.Requirements: PHP 5.2 or higher
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    An array defining the hierarchy of elements of a nested menu and associated table rows is used as input.TreeGrid outputs XML to be used by the dhtmlxTreeGrid component on the browser side using dynamic menu loading with XML.Requirements: PHP 5.2.1 or higher
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    phpGrid executes an SQL query given a table name and the list of field values to display. The results may sorted and grouped by a given field. It displays an HTML table displaying the query result values. Alternated rows may have different background colors. The table header names and the color values are configurable.The listing table may have additional rows ...
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    Grider can be used to visually create and edit HTML tables in the Web browser. It generates a Web based user interface for adding and removing table cells, as well increasing and decreasing the number of rows or columns that each cell takes.The user interface is generated using a set of templates that can be customized to satisfy different developer ...
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    A bidimensional array of tokens of limited length, with letters and digits, is generated. The generated grid is seeded by a given secret salt string and a specific id that may be used to generate unique grids for different applications and users.Secure Token Grid Authentication may also verify whether a token entered by the user corresponds to a token of ...
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    List page scrolling, column sorting, and in-place editing of data cells using form fields to alter the values and AJAX requests to save the changed values to the server, are supported.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Data Grid executes a given SQL query and generates an HTML table that displays the query results.Data Grid can associate a query result column with a given text that is used to display as title of the table as column header.Navigation links for spliting the query results into multiple pages, can also be generated.
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    Advanced Grid can be used to display data from MySQL database query results in an HTML table. Functions of Advanced Grid:- Retrieve data to display executing simple or joined SQL queries- Can display column values as links- Can replace field values of any column- Can have options for searching text values- Supports column sorting and results pagination- Can have a ...
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    Data Grid Object can be used to display MySQL query results in HTML tables. It is based on another class originally written by Carlos Miguel Guevara.This version includes several enhancements:- The code no longer issues warnings with E_STRICT error reporting enabled- Produces XHTML compliant HTML- Present all the information in the HTML table, including pagination- Provide Javascript callback functions to ...
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    MySQL PHP Grid can be used to edit and display data from a MySQL database table. It executes an SQL query to retrieve the data for the rows of a given table.The row data is displayed in an HTML table. The number of rows per page maybe limited. Navigation links are displayed to browse between result pages.The table headers display ...
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