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    Tree can be used to display organizational charts.
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    There is a base tree class that manages an hierarchy of node objects. A renderer sub-class takes care of traversing the tree and rendering a representation of each node in an image.The text, image, width and height associated with each node can be configured. The colors of the image background, node, node links and node text are configurable.The node link ...
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    VH Graph supports bar, line, points and pie charts.
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    Tcounter - a counter with graph and trends is a simple hitcounter based on PHP and MySQL.Features of Tcounter - a counter with graph and trends:- Visibile and invisible - Manages different counters with different names in order to follow trend of different pages - Records data per month over MySQL database - Show trend in graphical way - Download ...
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    Graidle can be used to generate several types of graphical diagrams. There are several classes specialized in generating histograms, pie charts and line charts.Several presentation aspects may be configured like the colors, labels, axis, etc.. The diagrams are generated as true color images using the GD library functions, and can be displayed as the current script output or saved to ...
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    fen2Diagram can be used to render chess board diagrams from piece positions in the FEN format (Forsyth-Edwards Notation). It parses a string in the FEN format to retrieve the piece positions in a chess board.fen2Diagram generates an image with an empty board and icons of the images of each piece in the board and the respective position. The generated board ...
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    Render formula can be use to render mathematical formulas as graphical images. It parses a formula with constant and variable values combined with several possible mathematical operations.Currently Render formula supports formulates using the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and functions like square root, sin arc sin, cosine, and power.Then Render formula renders the given formula in an GD library image. ...
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    Advanced Graphing Class can be used to generate line, bar and 2D/3D pie graphs from multiple data sets. Offers many style and data formatting options and an extensive readme and examples page. You can customize almost any option.Advanced Graphing Class can be built from data defined in a programmatic way, with data import from MySQL, XML or CSV files or ...
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    Color extract can be used to extract the most common colors used in images.Color extract can open an image file in the GIF, JPEG or PNG format. Then it traverses the image and returns an array with the most used color tones.
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    Graph Coloring can be used to assign colors to graph points defined in a vertex list. It can retrieve the coordinates of vertex points from a file or executing a MySQL database query.Then Graph Coloring defines it assigns colors to vertex points establishing connections between the points from list of vertexes, so that two consecutive vertexes do not get the ...
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    Test On Image can be used to render text on a background image. The letters of the text are made of graphics defined by separate image files.The letter image files can be loaded from a configurable directory. This way different text font images can be used.
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    Data to Graph can be used to generate bar charts from arrays of data. It takes as parameters two arrays that define the values of the bars to display.Data to Graph creates an image with a given width and height, displays the axis values and draws each of the chart bars. The resulting image is store in a server side ...
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    Bond's Math Graph can be used to plot a graphic of a function given its expression. It can evaluate the given function for a given interval of x and y variable values and draw lines between the calculated points.Bond's Math Graph also draws a grid of scale values as well the X and Y axis. More than one graphic can ...
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    Multigraph aims to provide an efficient, pleasing-to-look at method for producing dot, line, bar and pie charts from given datasets.Multigraph can be invoked through the command line or as an object which creates its own url to be used in an HTML img tag.Please note that you need some Truetype font files for Multigraph to work. Whilst you may use ...
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    class.userquota.php allows you to supply the values of the user quota (as you might gather from the file system, imap, or your own database driven system) and outputs them as a nice graph, or as text.The colours of the graph are definable, and you can also change whether you have it as a flat pie chart or a 3D pie ...
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