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    Simple random image generator is a simple random image generator. Just specify a folder or store it in a folder containing all image files and it will load only images(jpg, gif, png). Add one parameter and the image wil be resized using GD libraries for resizing.
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    Image.class can either be generated or loaded from file. The script can render graphic primitives in the image, such as drawing a text string with optional border, copy parts of the image to another position, draw ellipsis, rectangles, lines, and scale the image to a given size. The resulting image can be saved also in JPEG, PNG or GIF formats. ...
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    With GIF Creator, animations can be composed by using images of different formats, which get converted to GIF and resized before being assembled. GIF Creator also supports having custom horizontal and vertical offsets, transparency and disposal settings on a per-frame basis. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    PHP Charts takes a list of values that define points of one or more set and render charts of several possible types: line, bar, surface and pie. The colors and gradients and the coordinates can can be chosen. The generated charts can be saved to a given file or displayed as the current script output. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    HTTP requests are sent to the Gravatar API through the XML RPC protocol in order to obtain several details about available images with Gravatar RPC.Currently Gravatar RPC can check if an image exists for a given e-mail address, submit an image for a given Gravatar account, assign an image with a given URL to the Gravatar account, use a given ...
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    nucleoGraph is a set of pairs of bar values with their respective labels are taken as parameters.The nucleoGraph generates HTML with CSS stylesheet definitions that makes each pair of bars appear with configurable colors near the respective label texts.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    A JPEG image can be opened and traversed in order to generate HTML that renders it as a sequence of colored characters of 1 pixel width and height with Image2HTML.The generated HTML can be saved to a given file.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    The size of locally accessible images can be automatically computed and used to fill the width and height attributes. HTML Image Tag can also generate an image tag with a special source URL that contains the actual image data defined according to RFC 2397. This way it, the image can be embedded in your HTML documents, making it possible to ...
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    histogram can then generate another image representing the RGB histogram of the first.
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    Fractal can be used to render Koch curve fractal images. It takes a number of iteration levels to perform and renders a Koch curve fractal in an image of a given size. The generated fractal image can be served as the current script output in JPEG format. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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    GD Source takes as parameter an array of strings that can be either local or remote file names of JPG, GIF and PNG images, or the image files binary data as strings. After loading the image, the class creates an array of GD image resource handlers, which get stored in a variable. Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
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    boxPlot takes an array with the values to plot and makes the necessary calculations to determine the positions of the boxes rendered in the chart. It generates an image of a given width and height and stores it in JPEG format file. More than one data array can be rendered and a series names can be added in each boxplot. ...
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    In quantum computing, a graph state is a special type of multi-qubit state that can be represented by a graph. Each qubit is represented by a vertex of the graph, and there is an edge between every interacting pair of qubits. In particular, they are a convenient way of representing certain types of entangled states. Graph states are useful in ...
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    Total Visits Counter (Graphic) Scripts Set is intended to count the total number of unique visitors of your site by checking the referer IP addresses and display it as images. php easy :: total visits counter (graphic) scripts set contains 3 ready-to-use total visits counters using 3 different methods of displaying data:- php include() directive;- html iframe widget;- javascript widget. ...
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    Palette takes an array of colors represented as hexadecimal RGB values. Then it generates another array with intermediate color steps between each pair of colors in the array.The number of color steps between the pairs can be configured.
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