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  1. JpGraph
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    JpGraph is the most powerful Object-Oriented 2D PHP graph plotting library for PHP5. It is designed to significantly simplify the creation of dynamic graphs using PHP scripting, It hides as much as possible all the details necessary to create dynamic images. The project can be used on its own or as an embedded part of a large WEB development undertaking. ...
  2. PHP Chord
    2178 total visits
    This PHP script can render images with Guitar chords, it can also render chords for other musical instruments. PHP Chord takes as parameters the notes of the chord that should be used for each string. Images can also be generated by this script with the string and the positions and representation of the chord not positions, the generated image then ...
  3. Max's Chart
    5313 total visits
    Max's Chart is a professional but very easy to use PHP chart generator script. You can create beautiful horizontal or vertical charts fast and easily. No database or an image library needed to generate a full CSS driven output. No tables used at all. You can extend the style by editing a simple CSS file.
  4. phpMyGraph
    7424 total visits
    phpMyGraph is an array of chart data parameters can be used to render bar, line and polygon charts. Several chart parameters may be configured such as the colors, borders, fonts, etc.. With a few lines of code, simple PHP graph chart based on a data array can be created.What's New in This Release phpMyGraph:- A display bug occured when sending ...
  5. No Screenshot
    176 total visits
    phpmodgraph is a PHP library that displays a graph of functions that where modified since the last release. Besides the modified functions, it shows the functions that are relevant and are dependent on the modified functions. PHPCallGraph v.0.8.0 is used to generate the graphs. An example is included with the download package, along with the documentation.
  6. Gantti
    426 total visits
    Gantti is a PHP graphing utility for creating Gantt charts. Just modify the basic project data and the library will do the rest. Features of Gantti:- Rendered via HTML 5- No JS needed- Easy to customize colors and style- SASS stylesheet-based- Cross-browser tested- Set Gantt chart title
  7. Bubble Chart Script
    409 total visits
    Bubble Chart Script can be used to visually represent three data series at once instead of two.It is a free PHP chart script.Features of Bublle Chart Script:- Draws the chart with bubbles representing the value.- Style of the bubble charts can be configured optionally.- Database support is provided.- Download the code and embed into your PHP applications.
  8. PHP Chart Script
    626 total visits
    PHP chart script can creat line or bar charts and graphs. They can be output directly or images files created. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher- GD Library version 2
  9. googleGraph
    541 total visits
    This is a small PHP chart script to plot line charts. The script is very customizable and can be embedded in any PHP-driven project.Features of googleGraph:- Set line width- Set line chart type- Set line color- Set area color underneath the line- Set chart width and height- Set axis display
  10. HTML-Graphs
    390 total visits
    HTML-Graphs is a PHP bar graph and progress bar generator. Use this script to create horizontal / vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders.You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphs with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or graphical libraries required.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  11. PHP Bargraph Generator
    525 total visits
    PHP Bargraph Generator is a PHP script to loaded using an image tag and generate data based on information added as GET parameters. This script requires at least four files to use. The first is an HTML file which loads the image(of course), the second is the background "bar.png" image which the graph is built on, the third is a ...
  12. Advanced Graphs and Charts Script
    869 total visits
    Advanced Graphs and Charts Script is designed to make it easy for web developers to add dynamically generated graphs and charts into HTML web pages and application. The software is very easy to use and it is perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to web pages / applications within minutes.Requirements:- Run on PHP 4.x, PHP 5.x, PHP ...
  13. Pie Chart Creator
    394 total visits
    Pie chart will allow you to create a chart with your own statistical data. It is easier to draw the required graph within a few minutes. Using this we can able to find the total quantity occupied by the field. Its also helpful to calculate the percentage of a particular product.Features of Pie Chart Creator:- Easy to install- Easy to ...
  14. HTML Graphs
    257 total visits
    This PHP graph script can be used to create horizontal/vertical bar graphs, progress bars and faders. You can create simple graphs and even grouped bar graphps with legends, add labels, change colors etc. No graphics or graphical libraries required.This script was tested with PHP 4 + 5.
  15. No Screenshot
    296 total visits
    Libchart is a free and easy to use PHP chart script for chart creation. It can be used inside any PHP driven project.Features of Libchart:- Bar charts (horizontal or vertical).- Line charts.- Pie charts.- Single or multiple data sets.- Compatibility with PHP 5.- Easy to study how it works and adapt to every needs.- No external dependency, need only PHP ...
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