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    GD Gradient Generator takes a set given colors and generate an image that progressively changes from the initial color to the end as it traverses the image area, passing through optional intermediate colors.GD Gradient Generator generates true color images that may be converted to JPEG, PNG, GIF, WBMP and XBM formats. The generated image can be saved to a specified ...
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    The colors and the number of gradient steps can be specified. Create Gradient computes the values of an array with the calculated gradient colors also represented with hexadecimal values.The computed gradient colors may be used to define background colors of contiguous cells of HTML tables to demonstrate the gradient effect.
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    Gradient Image classes is meant to generate images that are made color that appear in gradient sequence. It takes the initial and end colors and renders a true color image with the GD extension that is filled with intermediate colors between the initial and end areas of the image.The gradient fill can be rendered horizontally or vertically. The number of ...
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