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    GG-Tracker GPS and GSM Tracking tracks your mobile using GSM Cell-location in combination with GPS. It uses both GPS and GSM networks to get a position. If only GSM is available it relies on location previously stored using a GPS receiver. The position is displayed on the internet using a Google Maps integration.The operation is very simular to how Google ...
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    GPX Mapper & CMS can be used to generate maps and location files in GPX XML format from information of coordinates of relevant global position points.It uses location coordinate information retrieved from a GPS receiver that have been previously stored in a MySQL database, and generates location files in GPX XML format.GPX Mapper & CMS can also be used to ...
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    GPS Coordinates Distance takes the latitude and longitude coordinates of two points represented in decimal format and calculates the length of a straight line between them.The distance between points is measured in miles.Requirements:PHP 3.0 or higher
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    PHP GPS Locator can be used to retrieve information from GPS receivers using the NMEA 0183 protocol. It can connect to a GPS receiver via serial port under Windows or Mac OS X.PHP GPS Locator retrieves and decodes NMEA 0183 protocol messages to obtain GPS information. The retrieved information can be stored in a MySQL database.
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    GPS RINEX navigation file parser can be used to parse GPS navigation data message files in the RINEX 2.1 specification format. It can read GPS navigation message data files and extract position information into an associative array class variable.There are also functions parse files uploaded via Web forms and to display the extracted information in an HTML page.
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